Breathing into 2013: Conversations with Eileen

Morning Friend,

I am up early but this year I’m going to embrace it and breathe into the day.  I just read a great post from my NWP friend Brian who wrote about this on his blog .

I write for a lot of the same reasons that I enjoy getting up early. The quiet simplicity of being alone with myself (and maybe the BBC or NPR announcer), of hearing what thoughts I have when there is no audience to impress. When I trust myself to float on the words in the darkness, the sun slowly rises and the world becomes clear and bright to me.

That sounds like hooey, but that’s just because it’s a tough concept to talk about and I’m mostly talking to myself.

My physical discomfort has passed and my mental discomfort is eased by the solitude. The words come one by one and I follow them down the screen wondering what they will say. Like my physical condition, I don’t know what causes the idea or exactly where it comes from, but I know what to do with it and about how long it will take to run its course. I know that this solitude is good for me and I welcome it.

 The words come one by one and I follow them down the screen wondering what they will say. 

Yes.  I’m going to follow mine down the screen as I breathe and stay engaged in the moment without filling my head with the list of things that come next.  One thing at a time.  One thing at a time…just writing and breathing and sipping coffee.  That should be more than enough for a precious 30 minutes to begin a new day.  And as I begin this new year, I’ve picked up a few new challenges.

One challenge comes from my buddies Ruth and Stacey  at Two Writing Teachers, instead of a New Year’s resolution, I’ve selected one little word to live with for the year.  My word is breathe. I’m not sure exactly what I will do with my word but I know I need to do more of it, breathing…consciously slowing myself down.  When I was practicing Yoga, leaders made us focus on our breathing as we moved through a session.  I remember at first, I was impatient with this but it was an essential way to be grounded.  Hmmm…I’m remembering my own connection with breathing even before yoga.  As a drama teacher/director I had my cast and students go through breathing activities.  Some resisted, but I ignored the nay sayers and we shut our eyes, standing sometimes, lying on the auditorium stage with eyes closed, just breathing and imagining.

 Breathing… a good word to reconnect with.

And my second challenge, takes me back to an old challenge of taking a photo every day and sharing it.  I just joined a new online group for this, 365Project and I have a few buddies joining me.  So I’m off.  I actually started my old/new challenge a few days ago.  Just a photo, a title, and a description and the group is conveniently on Facebook. I always have my small camera with in living in the darkness of my small red bag.  It longs to be taken out and used. Okay, here we go!


Enjoy the day,


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2 thoughts on “Breathing into 2013: Conversations with Eileen

  1. “When I trust myself to float on the words in the darkness, the sun slowly rises and the world becomes clear and bright to me”….this sounds like the power of deep breathing, really. That physical connection with ones body and knowitng what it is up to at a deep, soul sustaining level. So, great chouice for your OWL. And gorgeous picture, too – the mighty Hudson in its winter beauty.

    • You are so right Tara…it’s amazing too that only as I was writing did I remember my own deep connection with understanding breathing. Writing to learn is so powerful. A reason in itself to write,even if you don’t know where you are going and you don’t feel like you have something to begin with…

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