My Head’s in a Good Place: Conversations with Eileen

So friend, I’m back here where it’s good.  It’s not a good place for sleeping enough, because I am now in full creative mode and this time around, I am moving among three projects and two are due early next week, so of course that last one is on a back burner but all three are living with me.

I didn’t have to be in this place.  I had time to work leisurely, and I did at first but last week, when I had lots of time on my hands I squandered it and hated myself for it.  Sounds familiar right?  That’s my process: dive in, pull back and then race to the end.

The sprint to the finish, that’s where I am.  I put video up on a Final Cut timeline project, edit for few hours, hate it, trash it and begin again, or trash a bit and add…

For my Highland Falls piece, I am ready to trash but I’m holding on to my work from yesterday for now, but it feels like that first attempt will soon be in the trash.  Now is the time for driving.  I work , I take a break and drive and think.  Of course I missed my exit last night with all my deep thoughts and had to come back to reality to figure out how I could get where I was supposed to be.  I was still early for guitar class.

And now it’s 4:48 and I already downloaded that wacky tune, “Call me Maybe” to use with a set of in-the-moment classroom photos, just for fun before the meat.  A bit of dessert first. My goal is to motivate our teacher team to take a look back on our work since October as a place to reflect as we prepare to move on.

I will be ready for Tuesday. I will be ready for Tuesday.

Good thing I am working from plenty.

And then there’s Wednesday.  Now that Hudson Valley Writing Project is  a trailer I have been working on longer and now it’s a matter of making sense of what I have with the use of the handy dandy razor blade for cutting to the core and then arranging.  I have an idea for the intro and Christine is helping out, sharing her student voices.  And back at the Apple store I have a new mentor for support.  He’s good, really good.  I might even learn Motion software this time.

First viewing for critique coming on Tuesday afternoon and I have to be open to suggestions from Tom and Diane. I am sure, maybe confident,that my trailer will not fit their expectations.  It will not look like any of the models they’ve shared with me.  I will have lots to think about on my hour a riding up to SUNY on Tuesday morning. I might be ready to scrap it all and begin again.

And then the  last pieces: a photo album for the newly married couple and a digital story about my adventures with Josh, my nephew. That will be my dessert.

This post feels like mind splatters, bursts of where I am at this moment.

Feels good… I’m in a good place.  Everywhere I go now, my digital world comes with me… I like that!

More to share soon,


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One thought on “My Head’s in a Good Place: Conversations with Eileen

  1. You have so much going on, as always, Bonnie! You’re so impressive with the way you juggle it and make it all work!

    BTW: I LOVE those typewriter t-shirts. Total writer fashion envy!

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