An Action-Packed Saturday: Conversations with Eileen

Yep, it’s dark again, and I’ve been clicking around for over an hour.  Tuvia was up for a bit trying to persuade me to join him for more sleep but instead I accepted his offer of OJ and returned to the screen.  Of course, I should have followed back to the bedroom, but I can be so hooked here.  Just one more minute, right?

So before it fades, let me celebrate a great Saturday!

First it was my brother’s Jeff’s birthday!  We were far away from each other.  I remember his January parties when we lived under the same roof,  and couldn’t wait for my mom’s quartered egg and tuna sandwiches and the new toys that would fill his room hours later.  We will be celebrating over a grown up dinner somewhere Oh to be that kid again! (Not really!)  I know that his wife and close friends took good care of him.DSC_0283.JPG

As for my Saturday,  it began early, as usual and I my fast-moving cold-flu was over enough to take up the ride to Poughkeepsie Day School by 7:45 with a stop for coffee, doughnuts and bagels( to share) and arrive almost on time. I’m never sure who will be there and our section of the parking lot for filled with familiar cars.  As I arrived from a long walk around the school to our new spot, the tables were filled with HVWP techies, ready to begin another spirited session.


As usual, it was wonderful. Great teachers willing to give up a Saturday morning at home for the connection with a great group of teachers. I got some great feedback on my new videos.  One is just below.  If you are reading and willing to take a look, let me know what you think.  Too long? Sometime confusing? Missing?   We meet monthly and sometimes more come,sometimes fewer can join us, but no matter the numbers, it’s always worth the trip up and back for me and Tuvia understands.  We spoke a lot about our upcoming conference and started planning out the workshops!

We broke up at noon and I was off, on familiar highways headed home for afternoon activities. I am taking my favorite 8-year-old to The Hobbit.  Now it’s not my favorite genre.  I couldn’t get through the book and now I was committed to a very long film,but with Mihael, I was in heaven.  Just watching him engaged in the fantasy even if the evil creatures were hideous and the good guys needed a bath.  I was able to snooze a bit and still get the gist, even enjoy the climax. Most important, at 8, this guy appreciates my attention and I don’t take him for granted. Of course, as we exited the movie, Tuvia was there to meet us and lead us to to the rest of the family ready to eat a bit of dinner in the mall’s very packed food court.  Now that’s not my favorite spot for eating but the kids were excited to make their choices and we seasoned adults gave in easily.


It was a joyous Saturday.  I hope you had a great one as well.


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