Where were you Yesterday?: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays

Morning my friend and Slicer Friends,


I LOVED yesterday and for most of it I enjoyed the warmth of my living room with MSNBC  keeping me rooted in DC.

Four years ago I was there, freezing and stuck in an  area with Tuvia,  propped up against the side of a building, covered in his hat and my scarf with no hope of even hearing the new Obama’s speech until I found a small bar with one precious  table just  opening up for us.  Hope and change- YES!  We watched the Inauguration on TV even though it was happening less than a mile from where we sat.  But we had a bathroom, hot coffee and food! We shared our table with an immigrant  couple from Mexico who had to come to DC as we had to  see it for themselves. We all cried.

And this year… here in my cocoon, in my pjs with coffee in hand once again, as Obama made his way to the front of the Capital, grayer,  more confident, and more comfortable, he was on fire and once again I cried, even though he has missed the boat on education.  Let me repeat that: HE HAS MISSED THE BOAT ON EDUCATION!  But I’m going to give him another chance to see the light.  In fact, I’m going to send him a link to my documentary when I follow my buddy Christine to Finland and we get a closer look into the FInnish approach to education.

For now I’m going to enjoy the Progressive President we have with us.  Finally he could come out!

I did take a break from the festivities to get a guitar lesson with Jon.  That was some workout.  I did get dressed and get out to have dinner with good friends. And I did get to finish a first draft photo book for my nephew and his new wife and I am ready to live through yesterday a second time with Tuvia who was working yesterday.  Today’s a tough one for him as he waits to see election results from Israel.  But this afternoon, we will share yesterday.

4 More Years!

Missed you yesterday,


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14 thoughts on “Where were you Yesterday?: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. It was, and will remain, another important day, Bonnie. After the fall election, I’m so happy that we were watching President Obama be re-affirmed. I hope he can accomplish much in these next years!

  2. Yes Linda! My greatest fear was the image of the Romneys taking the White House. Now let’s see what he can do 🙂

  3. I loved the juxtaposition of your great happiness and bold-faced displeasure as you noted, “HE HAS MISSED THE BOAT ON EDUCATION!” It has been a LONG time since educators rather than lawyers, were making decisions about education. As professionals with advanced degrees and dedication to life-long learning, we need to make our voices heard to this administration and to other politicians (in NYS, for example) too!

  4. Love this post, Bonnie. My husband and I shared your fear of someone else in the White House. As I watched and listened to MSNBC after school yesterday, one of the commentators was talking about the President’s speech. They were commenting on how all encompassing it was (even if he did miss the boat on education) and how full of vision. Then they wondered aloud what a speech by Romney would have sounded like because all he seemed to campaign on was the deficit. It was a frightening thought….

  5. Two years and finishing strong...

    I love the picture of you with the immigrant family. Yes…reform is needed in education and immigration. I’m glad you are sending a letter about Finland’s approach. Thank you. XO

    • Somewhere I have that on tape, but who knows where. What excitement but it was tough to get around DC after the event. BUt it was exciting. I loved yesterday just as much 🙂

  6. I’m eagerly awaiting those election results from Israel. Here’s the latest, http://www.timesofisrael.com/live-israel-votes-in-2013-elections-tv-exit-polls-and-results/.

    In 2009, I watched the Inauguration from my classroom in RI. I live-streamed it, but the internet connection was terrible, so we had to get it on the radio too. It was the craziest situation. However, I loved every minute of it because I got to share it with my students who were very supportive of our 44th president.

    • Lapid is the one to watch. He is the rising star on the left who wants a 2 state solution. He could work with the left or accept a deal to join Bibi. Bibi needs him more than he needs B. We will see. The left did better than expected and then Romney lost…all good.

  7. Yesterday was a happy day. Our President looked and sounded like the man I voted for in 2008. He is in a different place now, wiser, shrewder, tougher, perhaps. But he does not have re election hanging over him. I am looking forward to this rejuvenated president…..with fingers crossed!

  8. We are kindred spirits – I was at Pres. Obama’s first – and freezing cold – inauguration, and watching from the luxury of my couch yesterday! I, too, was really moved by his words. Yes, we need to nudge him on his education perspective – without a doubt. But, it was a fabulous day!

  9. Bonnie K

    That is so cool Maureen!

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