Home of my 750: Conversations with Eileen

Morning Friend,

I love writing still and I still hate the fact that I don’t do it every day.  Recently I’ve been a friend’s daily blog of 750 words.  I used to write 750 words every day with a website devoted to daily writing of 750 words.  Why 750?  It’s a good chunk of words, 3 full pages, I think and I went with it as you know I love to do, just jump in.  But it was private writing and well, I need an audience so when I couldn’t make up a missed day during a monthly challenge, I got frustrated and it was hard for me to write that 750 every day when I didn’t always have 750 words to share with myself.

I clicked off and didn’t return until a few days ago, actually 3 days and I clicked around trying to figure out how I could go public.  I couldn’t and Brian was writing his 750 on his own blog so I’m here, back on my blog now writing my 750 or maybe less, or maybe more.  After all, why 750 every day?

Tuvia is up and calling me back to bed, how can I say no?  I’ll be back, promise.

It’s February, it’s cold, it snowed a bit on the way home from the city last night and tonight it’s another Super Bowl that I don’t care about.  No, I have my clear priorities.  Beethoven with Tuvia was enough for me last night.  Somehow when I got an email reminder for the concert two weeks ago and Tuvia was definitely interested, I clicked for seats and found two almost on the stage and in the center.  No hesitation, I grabbed my Mastercard and claimed the seats.  Row 3 aisle, center.  As walked to our seats last night, kept walking closer and closer down the aisle… closer and closer to the stage Tuvia’s smile grew wider and wider… and I started grabbing photos.  So uncool!

The hall was packed.

I was ready to dream!

Opening- Prometheus Overture, then everyone stood, disappeared and the well-dressed  stage support arrived with the gussied up piano, tool for a perfect concerto.  As Tuvia rose up to music heaven…sure, he took me along… Sadly I just couldn’t stay to thank Lupu for his wonderful performance.  I needed to race for the bathroom, one of those three precious stalls and beat the crowds.  Race on!  Just three ahead of me.  As I walked out relieved, the lines for both sexes were long, very long and I had time to soak in the break.

Intermission and texting with Stacey.  Her parents were there but where?  So many people….

More pics…

Seated for the 5th… wow! How passionate the orchestra became and we were able to watch the back and forth between the right side of the violins to the left.. back and forth… and then shared with the brass, with the woodwinds… a wild passionate ride.  I watched a cellist smiling, animated from start to finish.

I was so glad to be there, with Tuvia, so my wellbeing.

On our walk back to the car, in the warm night, with a bit of snow we walked together, taking in the last minutes of the evening before other things got in the way.

The snow was falling but proved to be no obstacle to us.  We entered a warm house by 11 PM and needed a warm cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal for Tuvia to calm down before bed.  It was a powerful night for us.

Now tonight, Super Bowl Sunday will offer to others what we had last night and I am pretty sure that we won’t need another night like last night to feel so alive.  Yes, we will join a party and probably I will be last longer than Tuvia but on our way home… I think I want to hear another hit of the 5th!

I didn’t make it to 750, but closer.. How many words do I get for these  photos?

540099_10151293362706232_1656370612_n 602968_10151293359581232_668987322_nBCJSFwPCEAAAfK2.jpg-large



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2 thoughts on “Home of my 750: Conversations with Eileen

  1. A glorious evening – and you know what they say about pictures and words, so I think you are covered!

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