SuperBowl Sunday?: Conversations with Eileen in 750?


Morning Friend,

I’m racing to get this post started and finished before I jump into the shower and dress for my weekly guitar lesson coming to me in just over an hour.  It’s feeling like this will be a very good Monday after I just read Tom’s last version of our HVWP site report for this year that’s due today.  I like the way he’s showcased my work and shared the big issues we have been dealing with and once I’m satisfied with how he’s shared my work, I can look at the rest of our site’s work and as usual, I’m feeling so fortunate to be a member of such a powerful team. WOW!

So, last night, much to my relief, Super Bowl Sunday at Marla and Jeff’s  house was great for Tuvia.  Now as you know, I’m not passionate about sports and really, given that I have lots of passions, it’s probably good that sports continues to leave me cold.  And thankfully, I’m with someone who has even less connection to sports than I do.  Because if truth be told, I’m always rooting for the home teams: Yankees, not Mets, Giants, not Jets…and I don’t know, hockey? Vaguely.  But Tuvia is totally uninterested, totally uninterested.

But, as long as he had people to talk to last night, he enjoyed the event along with me.  Of course, we were on our way home before the half time show and totally missed Beyonce.  I hear she was great and when we walked into the house and turned on the TV we found the game in darkness. What?

I was actually checking to make sure Downton Abbey was taping.  But first I had to play my guitar.  Lesson today and I am trying to play every day… almost every day or really, as many days in the week that I can. It kills me when I sit here with this lit screen and catch it in the corner of my eye, waiting for me, sending me guilt vibes to just get up, walk 7 steps, lift it out of its stand and just strum…and that’s enough.. it’s true.I’m hooked, but it’s so hard to put this computer down. So hard.

I did get to play last night even though I was travel weary and all I wanted to do was call Tuvia back into the living room and watch Downton Abbey.  But I stuck with it and moved through most of what we would be working on this morning.  When we finally sat down to watch DA at 10, I missed most of it.  Tuvia loved it and had to share some of it with me.  I will catch up today 🙂

But here’s what I want to remember about yesterday:

We brought dinner last night for my dad from Harold’s the Kosher Superstore just down the block from Tuvia’s. The deli guys are getting to know me well when I show up with a list for my dad and now, an order for my cousin Martin ready for pick up.

My trunk was filled with Jewish delicacies: chicken soups, frozen dinners, fresh corned beef, pastrami, pickles, rye bread and the slaws.  It’s usually lunch on Sundays at my dad’s favorite diner but in honor of the Superbowl we made it dinner at home with, a surprise visitor, my youngest niece, Dani. It was great!  I was on my cheat meal and filled fresh slices of rye bread with Harold’s best fatty corned beef and salami, scooped out spoons of red potato salad, and slices of sour pickles.

I was careful to hold back and save room for the appetizer array coming next at the Superbowl Party. We entertained and fed my my dad, played  catch up with  Dani and left them as the game was starting and heading over to my brother’s house, originally owned by my best friend Steven as I was growing up. Nice that it’s in our family.

So because my dad lives in my childhood house and my brother lives where I used to hang out,  I can still go home again!  Lucky for Jeff and Marla, that they have a rich circle of friends in our small home town.  The circle annually comes together for the SuperBowl at the Kaplan homestead and happily the circle always opens their arms and embraces us.  Last night the game was secondary for almost everyone.  It would have been different if a New York team had been fighting for the title and I might have been more interested as well.  Tuvia, no, it wouldn’t have mattered.

The food took center stage and we talked and stuffed it in! But we did keep an eye on the clock and sadly the game was too slow. We didn’t make it to half time, but we did have a good, quality time with the gang.  Although, one couple was missing, but for a great reason.  They were in New York waiting for their daughter-in-law to add another baby to their family circle.  She arrived just after the game began- Lillian.

Okay, I’m getting close to the end of my words… Jon should be knocking in minutes… and I’m feeling good about another day of sustained writing… and the sun is shining.  Maybe I will get out and make my way to the gym and to ShopRite.  That’s maybe.  Almost 750.  I’m sure I have a bit more to say.  Just a bit.

More importatnt than Beyonce’s half-time extravaganza was Obama’s pre-show interview.  I forgot and didn’t tape it.  I promised Tuvia I’d find it on the net. Yes, I will take care of that, before I hit my clean desk with a neat pile of bills and tax information that I promised to take up today.  Okay, my day is set and Jon is knocking…

Have a good one,


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