Making Myself Crazy: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays

Morning Friend,

I’m off a very productive Monday, very: a slow-moving but productive guitar lesson, the usual getting comfortable with my apartment after a weekend away,washing clothes, exercising, careful eating, tackling forms to fill out for Student Teacher Supervision( I’m late), bills paid, cracking into my tax materials and I finished one last revision of the video I’ve been working on, that centers around the work I’ve been doing at Highland Falls and I took one more look at our Hudson Valley Writing Project’s Final Report, now in the hands of the NWP officials. The question is always now, will we continue with a Congress that wants to cut, cut, cut!

So it was a productive Monday that I can be proud of and I should still be sleeping but nope, my mind is awake, so I have Way Too Early is on as I open my computer and read Tara’s early-morning Slice.  I’m obsessed with teachers like my friend Tara Smith.  She spent her Saturday reading the work of her students in their hearts of hearts, their journals.  How ed reformers “measure” teachers like Tara with their narrow measures of  assessment.  Here’s two approaches to education.

Which one works for you?

Here’s Chris Lehman:

Here’s Bill Gates:

And a powerful response to Bill on his favorite school coming from my hero, Diane Ravitch:

And here’s my contribution to the cause:

It’s not so bad to be obsessed with this handy dandy Apple. Look what it offers? One-stop shopping and then a way gather the resources back again. I’d say wow to that and it’s not even 6AM.

I was just catching up on Sunday morning before we started our usual Sunday activities. I had Chris delivered to me via Ted Talks email updates for the week. I clicked and immediately engaged and started tearing.

Tuvia arrived just an hour later. Catching up on his guy, Fareed Zakariah he called me into the living room to sit with him and watch Bill Gates talk about education. Hmmm…. I was polite. It was my turn. I shared Chris Lehman’s TED Talk with him and let him compare. He did not disappoint. We had it all at our fingertips.

And then I could make a contribution of what I see as I work directly with teachers and what is shared by teachers at
Two Writing Teachers

I am not alone! I am not alone! And I think, as I read more and more Diane Ravitch that we are not alone!

Let me add one more thing: SCRAP THE MAP!

Sorry, I didn’t get to my daily 750 words, but I have multimodal layers today, right? That counts!


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14 thoughts on “Making Myself Crazy: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. Bill Gates and education – gives me a migraine just hearing what he has to say. But your post has so much to take in . Bonnie – so I’ll get back to it at lunch time.

  2. Back and blown away. I am really struggling with the demands of the common core and a team of teachers who seem inflexible. So great to see/hear teachers as committed to kids as these – committed to the intelllectual and moral growth of kids. Alrighty then…I return to my afternoon classes refreshed. Thanks, Bonnie!

  3. There is so much invisible in education to the outsider’s eye. This makes it hard to show what really matters in teaching and learning. I wish you strength and perseverance in educating the ignorant minds (even when they are intelligent and talented).

  4. There is no way to measure teachers, like Tara, whose dedication is unending. I really think we’re getting close to a tipping point in education. I wonder if enough parents protest testing if things will change.

  5. I’ve spent countless hours consumed by planning for and understanding the teacher evaulation system, the Common Core and Response to Intervention legislation in the past few years becuase while it matters, I don’t want someone else to tell me what it means and not have a pretty good understanding of the “laws.” What teachers do matters. What we say matters. How we interact with our students matters. While most of us are working late on Friday nights and early on Saturday morning, the political and public stance is still that we work 9-2 with long lunch breaks. I beg ANYONE to walk along with us on a teaching journey any week because those making laws should know what teachers really do!

  6. Thank you for all the links, Bonnie. I haven’t listened to them all, but did watch Chris Lehman. It is a tough dilemma for my response, as I teach in a private progressive school that does not follow the common core, nor do we test, at all. I am sympathetic with those who hint at their troubles. I have a grandson who tells me about the constant practice testing he does. I wish I knew an answer. Hard or easy, it’s complex because it’s about people, & someone from the “outside” having power over the “inside”.

    • Glad you can follow your passions Linda. I have my memories of wonderful public schools but I’m feeling the torment of our brothers and sisters and kids…

  7. Bonnie,
    I am making a note to come back and watch. The videos on Saturday! Thanks for sharing them!

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