SNOW DAY! : Conversations with Eileen!

IMG_0653Morning Friend,

You know, this is an official snow day for me!  I was supposed to be working at Highland Falls today and like any veteran teacher I tortured myself yesterday, working on my presentation and then taking an unnecessary break. Waiting for the word.  We left late in the afternoon to get in a visit with our Hoboken family before the snow arrived today, and I still had pieces to put together for my PD work.  I must enjoy torturing myself with this usual procrastination.  Andrea kept me updated that it looked like a close but she didn’t have the official word.  Somehow, at 10PM with so many other schools in the area closed, I couldn’t leave it up in the air and in just another 30 minutes or so, I finished.

Of course there’s no school today, but I slept peacefully.

I did give up an orchestra class last night.  I didn’t want to do that, but weighing an evening with family against the class, I couldn’t say no to Tuvia and to the fun I would have and did, with Mia, Mihael and Adi.  Ami is away and I didn’t want to fight a fool hearty Tuvia tonight when he would have pushed for our usual Friday night dinner.  I’m glad we were there, I’m disappointed that I missed the first night of Mozart with a larger group of guitars.  As they say… you can’t have it all.  Okay, I accept that with a bit of sadness.  But there will be more Thursdays to come, right?

So I have an open Friday.  I love the snow falling but please, please I don’t want to lose power.  That was the worst with Sandy.  I know, so many had it so much worse but I was so miserable without everything that comes with power.  Of course then it was very difficult, Sandy arrived right in the last legs of the presidential campaign and I needed communication. Yes, I did have Rachel after the fact and yes, we were able to get power at the mall nearby but I needed light and warmth and communication with the outside world.  Please let us stay warm.

Tuvia is out now filling up his grocery cart at a very crowded Fairway.  I’m surprised that he agreed to buy more than one cucumber at a time Hang on, he’s calling from the store.  Yes, they do have Dannon raspberry  yogurt !

I love the pj aspect of a snow day.  The usual routine of life is given permission, actually encouraged to slow down.  Sure there are people like Tuvia who are up, dressed and out.  For him slowing down is torture and I’m wondering just how long I will be able to keep him off the roads once he’s back from his grocery run.  It helps that he will be arriving soon and driving his car into the garage to sit next to mine and avoid the impact of snow fall.  He is fairly new to using his garage for what it was meant for.  Before me, he did not allow the family to house their cars in the garage especially in bad weather.  The floor would get dirty.  Who knows what it was that brought him to his senses, first for my car and soon his.  It was wild at the end of a storm to roll my car out, snow free and watch him attack his with brushes etc. Now both of our cars have space in the garage with an interesting mat that he created to hold the dirt and protect the floor.  Sweet and clever, my man!

So far, so good.  Hang on, Tuvia’s back with two bags.  Two bags?  That’s all?  Good thing I didn’t go along 🙂

Now is the best time.  The day is ahead of us. I have an conference call scheduled with Andrea for 1 to spend more time planning and writing out our keynote for the HVWP and to catch up, plan a make up date for today’s work and then work backward, from our final day of the project until now.  This will be easy and fun.  Never have I been able to say that before about collaborating. I know, amazing,

Okay that’s it for me.  Enjoy the day!


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