Snow Day with Power: Conversations with Eileen

Yesterday was a very good day, a very good day.  I stayed inside the WHOLE day and I was fine. Tuvia was out a few times in the morning to buy supplies and fill up his car and even get to the bank.  Me, I was happy to be living luxurious with power.  So that I didn’t lose my favorite means of communication, my trusty laptop, my iPad, my iPhone.  Everything remained ready for my use at a moment’s notice with enough juice to keep me going indefinitely. I could hangout with Andrea with Google’s help.  We could work on our upcoming keynote presentation within that hangout on a google document and share it with others for feedback when our whole team met this morning in in a Google Hangout.

It was pretty cool, this morning with lots of power to spare to invite a bunch of our tech team to a chat: Laura, Kathy, Jack(who had to come and go as he multi-tasked as dad-in-charge as well), Marc and Amy.  We worked together for an hour and even though Kathy was hoping for our usual style face to face, everyone else was anxious to move off and on to other duties of the day- for most, shoveling of course.

But remembering yesterday, a snow day with power, I was able to have it all. Even if I didn’t opt for an exercise session with my old guru, Billy Blanks on DVD.  Sorry, but I did get to play my guitar, in fact I was lost in my practice and when Tuvia was ready for company he had to come and get me and even though we didn’t get to a movie yesterday afternoon, we were able to get hooked on a new Kevin Spacey series directly created for Net Flicks… and I have it.  We were hooked in minutes.  Feels like Kevin’s Minority Whip character in the House of Representatives is modeled after his time with Shakespeare’s Richard III.  I hope that’s not really how we got saddled with the democratic version of ed reform, but it wouldn’t totally surprise me if weren’t more about political expediency as less about what is authentic for students and teachers.

I still wonder how someone who had Linda Darling-Hammond running his ed policy on the campaign could abandon her and her progressive approach to ed for the likes of Arne Duncan.  Just wondering….

Anyway we had a great night with Kevin and I didn’t really need to get out of my pjs, but I did, for a shower and clean clothes.  But with power, I had everything I needed for a wonderful day.

Now we are almost back to normal.  The snow is still with us, but not in the way.  Tuvia has been out, I’ve been out and we will get back out there later for a movie and dinner at Bone Fish Grill.

I’d say it’s been two very sweet days.

IMG_0667 IMG_0665 IMG_0664 IMG_0661 IMG_0660

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5 thoughts on “Snow Day with Power: Conversations with Eileen

  1. So glad to read you kept your power through the snowstorm. I wondered and worried about you and Tara through all the reports on the news. It is so lovely to look at when it is fresh and new. Great pictures and I am glad this is not in my world.

  2. We were supposed to have some sort of storm, could use some of yours, Bonnie. We only got a dribble! Your days do sound very nice. Time in those days are so cozy, & even productive. Happy to hear you’re okay.

  3. Hi you two,
    Thanks for checking in. We don’t get much snow in this area but after Sandy, there’s that ext a concern about wind. The weather is changing, that’s for sure.

  4. Glad you got through the storm so well. Over on MY side of the river, high up on the mountain, we got 16 inches of ice. snow and wind; however, the weak trees have fallen in such high numbers in recent storms that the power stayed on and I too had all the technology I could possibly have wanted allowing LOTS of writing and reading time.

  5. That sounds perfect!

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