The Morning Should be For Writing: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays

Morning my Friend and Slicers,

I don’t know about you, but even though I wanted to write into the day, yesterday, I just couldn’t.  It was way too cloudy out, way too dreary.  I tired, really.  I had a few sentences down but no rhythm.  I tired to ignore the world outside, but I was stuck.  Good thing I had help when Jon showed up for my lesson.  I had to get off my couch, take a shower, get dressed and prepare a bit.   My guitar sat patiently waiting for me and the 1/2 hour before, I lifted her up and started strumming, just picking around, getting comfortable with my new gadget that allows me to sit with both feet on the floor.


Bye-bye foot pedal that’s been killing my back and lots of other guitar backs. But  I have to confess, that I had this gadget purchased and waiting for me to play with it for months, probably a year. I had it right in the chair  by the window, close to the spot I play, but I let it be. Too new?  Did it really need to gather so much dust?  Oh well, I can’t always figure myself out.  Finally, when Jon diplomatically picked it up and reminded me that it would be good to start using it,  I smiled and agreed that it was time to adjust.  And finally I am adjusting to it with pleasure. Of course some of my old pieces sound horrible because my fingers have to adjust, but I’m using it more and more. Such a simple gadget.

I was active yesterday, but I wasn’t smiling much, even after a longer lesson and an afternoon practice which usually doesn’t happen on lesson day, and I did exercise on my Nordic Track and I did catch up with the Grammys.  What a great show of music!  And I did read and I did begin a new digital piece.

Yes, I did get off the couch but I needed the sun, really needed the sun yesterday and I never saw her.  But there was some red!

IMG_0670I had a date with my buddy Andrea last night to spend more time prepping for our March keynote at the Hudson Valley Writing Project’s Tech Seminar.  We met at our usual Starbucks .  I was early and spent a bit of time looking around for a late night shot for our 365Project challenge.  All the red, all my red caught me.  Red! I need red, especially when there’s no sun. And when Andrea arrived and we finally got down to it, it was good that she was more focused than I was because we did make  more progress and yes, we will have a good keynote. YES!  But it was harder to be productive in the rain and fog yesterday.

Today began like this

DSC_0006will we see the sun today?  Could be an easier one…


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6 thoughts on “The Morning Should be For Writing: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. Terje

    Too cloudy to smile. I can understand that. I like how your words flow so naturally, taking us right with you through the day. An active and productive day. The last picture is one to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

  2. Adjust. What a great philosophy….I am always amazed at how much you manage to pack into a day, even a dreary one! The sun was out later today, and I got my kids to put on their jackets and go for a poetry walk- it changed our day entirely!

  3. Like Tara, it seems that you did so much. I don’t know what that “thing” is Bonnie, that has to do with your guitar? Hopefully you will explain how it works sometime, or perhaps you have & I missed it. We have constant sun here, & hope for a cloudy (& rainy) day once in a while. What a change it would make to have a couple of days of no sun. I grew up in Missouri, so know what you mean. We used to mark the calendars when there was sun! Hope tomorrow grows brighter!

  4. I am definitely more productive when I have sunshine as my fuel. I can’t imagine what more you could pack into a day if you had sunshine. Hope you get sun rays soon!

  5. Sometimes the nudge from another is what we need to make our day go in the direction we choose! This speaks to allowing opportunities for collaboration that everyone sometimes needs!

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