Facebook Fan: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of the Tuesdays

Morning my Friend and Slicers,

Lately, I’ve been spending less time tweeting and more time FBing, and as much as I love my blog, Facebook is a very powerful means of sharing what I write here and what I care about.  I realize that my educational advocacy is making a difference because of my comfort and use of Facebook and Twitter.  I post something, I share someone else’s post or link and wow, people read them.  Yes, on Twitter to be retweeted… you are way out there. Of course more people can be counted on to respond to something connected to food, movies, photos of the past, but yes, people are reading me and the things I care about. And it’s so easy to do the same.

I know, in the long run we could be opening ourselves up to evil hackers, but while I live in fantasyland, I will continue.

Here’s my latest passion for everything Finnish….


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7 thoughts on “Facebook Fan: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of the Tuesdays

  1. I watched the first part, and have seen some of this before. I’ll return to watch the other parts, but wanted you to know I’m watching! Some of the early parts seem so like my school, Bonnie-choice, call the teachers by the first name, small classes, relaxed. I think we’ve taken so much of our possible monies in budgets in these years for testing, rather than investment in small classes & in teacher support. I see some of the issues when I talk with my grandson who is in a public school 6th grade. He does what he’s told because no one has asked him for preferences. He still has not been asked to read a book, but spends time each week reading excerpts & practicing answering surface ?’s. I am alarmed at how little he has to do, actually, compared to the 6th graders at my school. I really could go on & on. We are missing quite a few boats here! Thanks for the links.

  2. I’m afraid it is because of evil hackers and other perils that I don’t do Facebook. I do have a Twitter account but don’t actually know what to do with it other than read posts on my Flipboard. I see you are thinking about attending All Write, I’m trying to see if it fits into the budget and go too. Maybe we could have a tutorial on Twitter if we both end up there. 🙂 Love the Finnish system, my husband would move there in a heartbeat if it weren’t so expensive and cold.

  3. I’ve given up on Twitter, but Facebook I like – especially now that people share articles and videos and resources that I would never be able to find on my own. I watched the whole video on the Finnish school system, thanks to you, Bonnie – so uplifting! Sigh…

  4. Putting yourself out there takes courage. Twitter and Facebook can both be powerful tools for sharing what you care about. Continue making a difference!

  5. macrush53

    I like them both and use them thank you for sharing.

  6. Lani

    May be a dumb question….and I did not listen to the whole thing. But if they do not do tests…then how do they end up with a high ranking worldwide?

    • Hi Lanie,
      They do assess but each school takes on that charge. Kids don’t start taking the internatioanl tests until they are 16.

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