Last Day in Paradise: Conversations with Eileen and Slice of Life Tuesdays

Morning Eileen and Slicers,
I’m up early as usual to enjoy the fresh morning here on the Rivera Cancun at a very Excellent hotel. It’s the last full day and the only day that I’m actually writing something longer than a status update on Facebook.

I have been eating too much, drinking a Mudslide almost every morning at 11:30, just before lunch, I’ve been reading, finishing novels on my Kindle. BTW, I loved Roundhouse by Louise Erdrich, one of my all-time favorite writers and I’m making progress on Barbara Kingsolver’s latest on as well.  Love her too!

Except for the one day we spent one day traveling with a group in a van to Chitzen Itza,  we have been right here, often on this balcony where I’m sitting at the moment hooked to the ocean.



Every night as we prepare for bed, we open the doors, sacrifice air conditioning and sleep with the sounds of the ocean tides in stereo.  We upgraded to the Excellence Club for this week with all the VIP perks it comes with which can be a bit uncomfortable but really all we needed and wanted was this room with a view.

And when the dust settles and the cold of home forces inside, I’ll remember this moment, in my summer pj’s just sitting here, and leisurely writing.

BTW, wireless is everywhere here 🙂

Sounds like Tuvia is up and moving around.  Soon he will be in the enormous shower room that comes with this upgrade.  Hmmm…love that too…

It’s been a wonderful week away and there’s good things back home to return to of course.

Hey, it’s almost March 1st and somehow we will all have something to share on a daily basis.

Back at you on Friday,




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11 thoughts on “Last Day in Paradise: Conversations with Eileen and Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. Ahhhhhh…..savor all of the very excellent moments. Let them remind you of joy when you return to normalcy.

  2. Judy C.

    Enjoy and savor those memories. Beautiful pic.

  3. Mmmmm. mudslides! What a blessed life you are living! Today, I awoke to 3 inches of snow, beautiful but cold. There is nothing like sunshine and warmth when home is chilly. Thanks for taking me to a warm place this morning.

  4. I’ve been looking at your pics on FB and reading your writing and it sounds like you and Tuvia are having a wonderful (well-deserved) time! Safe journey back home.

  5. Nancy Hatcher

    Yum and ahhhh….jealous, but also enjoyed hearing the words of warmth and relaxation. xo

  6. Well, that is a view…complete with ocean sounds and warm breezes, too! So glad that you were able to soak it all in and share photographs with us. See you soon, my friend!

  7. Oh, that photo Bonnie! The ocean is so lovely and soothing. I’m happy that you both had this time together and that you shared!

  8. What a trip – sounds like a little bit of “paradise” – well deserved and earned rewards!

  9. Sounds absolutely loverly! I love the ocean!

  10. Thank you for letting us to sit with you on the balcony, enjoying the view and your words.

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