Workshop!: Slice #3 Conversations with Eileen

sols_6Morning Everyone,

I was hoping for a bit of light outside for writing this Slice, but my computer’s artificial offering will have to suffice.

I did need more sleep yesterday than I got, but with a second cup of coffee when I arrived at Roy C. Ketchum High School I could function.  Of course I didn’t have to start from scratch.  Andrea was there and had her computer set up just in case I was running late.  And she was rested and anchored.  I could enter into the space pressure free.

We have been working together for 2 years now. I have been leading PD projects with small teams of Highland Falls teachers under her jurisdiction with a focus on writing in the 21st century.  Over time we have been moving our work out into the world, crafting workshops built as we move the PD teams along. This year our teacher team comprised of 9 Social Studies and Science teachers grades 5-9 are working with Multi-genre strategies, modeled by us and teacher consultants for my Hudson Valley Writing Project.  Team teachers take the strategies and work with them in their classrooms.

DSC_0229 DSC_0235 DSC_0236

 Now, in the months of March and  April they will work in teams, select a large issue offer students a multi-genre list of possible writing exercises they can use to research an aspect of the issue the teacher team is working with ie. global warming…The culminating piece will be a digital essay.

One strategy we’ve shared is the 5 image story that I found probably from friend and Slicer Kevin Hodgson originally.  Creating a story with 5 images, a title and captions can move you in many directions. Andrea loved the strategy and ran with it in a grad class she’s teaching at Marist College.  With her work, and my work with the team we keep reworking this workshop.  Yesterday, with a full house we rocked.  In a tw- hour workshop we were able to share student work, teacher work, have the large group of 30 participants work together in groups and then play with digital tools and create their own pieces for their students.

The session ended, and everyone moved to the school’s cafeteria for lunch but the conversations continued.  Andrea and I sat together and our workshop participants found us and continued to share ideas that were burning to be shared. WOW!

And we have another team session coming on Wednesday and a Keynote for the Hudson Valley Writing Project’s Saturday Tech Seminar.

Here’s the 5 minute piece of teacher work we shared:

Okay, I’m powering down. Tuvia’s calling.

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10 thoughts on “Workshop!: Slice #3 Conversations with Eileen

  1. Love the folder idea!

  2. And the came from a lack of having poster paper 🙂

  3. You know, I’ve never tried a five image story. I’ll have to give it a whirl.

  4. Jaana

    Loved the idea–especially the folder one! I will send a link to your post to my science teachers today!

  5. Amazing, Bonnie! I love the flexibility of thinking here – the willingness to adapt to students, curriculum and subject matter. There is structure here, but also the freedom to be flexible. You have given me so much to think about for our end of year multi genre project. BTW what a team of teachers – just listening to the way they shared and encouraged each other was wonderful – sigh…

  6. What a great day for you and the participants! I love how the content teachers take the strategy and use it for their purposes. They are lucky to have you to spur them on to great things.

  7. Looks like such a successful day, Bonnie. I have one question: are these ‘posters’ with images the end result of research or to stimulate the beginning of a unit of study? If either one, what are the goals of the ‘essays’? I am unsure what the students were writing about. Thanks much for sharing your day!

  8. Sounds great! I would like to come to one of your workshops. 🙂

    • And I am trying to “pin” this for future reference and it won’t work! The 5 image story writing is such a great idea. Go Kevin/Bonnie!!

  9. My brain is on fire! I have so many ideas for how to utilize just the snippets I’ve pieced together from your overview and the video. Awesome.

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