Christine is gearing up for her Finland Adventure

an educator's re-education

WrightIf there is one thing I have learned in my thirty five years, it is that life is not static; it will go on changing with or without your consent.  The (now three) times in my life I have assumed the role of cancer patient have, among other things, made me appreciative of the fragility of life and helped me recognize that if I want to change things in my life, the world, the classroom next door, the time to start is now…

There are three professional decisions I have made to date that have impacted me tremendously:

Decision #1: About ten years ago, I volunteered to tutor inmates at an all-male maximum security prison through a privately-funded program out of Bard College.  I’m not really sure what prompted this.  I was terrified at first. I began volunteering in 2004, before I had ever entered a classroom of my own, and…

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  1. Thanks for this. I will be interested in learning what she discovers.

  2. What an amazing adventure this will be….I am hoping to learn a lot from this trip!

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