Read this Blog: Slice #5, Conversations with Eileen

sols_6After more than 4 years, I am still conflicted about Barack.  I want to LOVE him, the way I did with Bill but Diane Ravitch keeps reminding me that I have to stay coldly objective.

Check out this post from her very important blog:

Diane has come a long way in her thinking about schools and educational reform and her original version of the The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education (2010) ISBN 978-0-465-01491-0 was one of the hardest books I’ve ever read.  But once I had it well digest I started passing her word out to the rest of the educators I knew to get them fired up, but many didn’t want to believe it and shut down.  But at this point everyone’s eyes are open and yes there is a growing revolution to the realities of crushing reforms.

Ravitch was at first a wild tweeter, but now shes’s moved her passion and advocacy to her blog,

I follow it and the updates fill my email box.  Bring them on lady! Keep my eyes opened even if I’d prefer a bit of fantasy more often.

Yes, she’s my hero!


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11 thoughts on “Read this Blog: Slice #5, Conversations with Eileen

  1. Her ideas are always worth reading and considering. I think I first started following her thanks to you, Bonnie. Good to be reminded.

  2. Thanks for the link to the blog. It certainly give one thought to ponder. Why, is always important to ask.

  3. I haven’t been following Ravitch. Thanks for pointing me in her direction!

  4. Great read! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have issues with Bill…although I love Hillary. And I think Ravitch has much to say that is true and worthy of our attention. But she seems so anti everything and shrill these days. I have a hard time with her stance on the common core, for example. I get tired of all this shouting about education and the terrible state we’re in…I have to get up and teach every day no matter what is being written and yelled about – my kids are counting on me. Where is the sense of hope and purpose and meaning in all that’s being yelled about? Diane rails against something new everyday, but what does she offer me for tomorrow – how does she help me deal with the now I have to prepare for? I guess it’s been a long day of a lot of infighting in our school and I’m tired of the way education in America has become such a battleground of ideas … Too much conflict, too much negative energy.

    • I think she’s Leading the revolution to return us back to a better place in education! her blog is pretty amazing.

      • She definitely speaks the truth as she sees it….but I don’t know about revolution, Bonnie. Perhaps my view is colored by my school’s environment – it is hard to be positive in that place – and the need for a voice of hope and encouragement. So, I look forward to what you learn on this visit to Finland!

  6. I think her advocacy work has been amazing. Check out her blog. She invites teachers etc. to share their stories and keep readers up to date with what’s happening around the country with the consequences of testing….

  7. I try very hard to keep out of politics because I’m too passionate about it, so in order to keep sane I very rarely read,listen, or watch anything about politics. Which is why I had not heard of Ravitch – thank you for posting information about her – I’m going to read her blog.

  8. Hi Rebecca,
    I don’t stay out of politics, I am in it and when it comes to education reform, it’s the passion of my life, so following and supporting advocates like Diane Ravitch, I am all in 🙂

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