OFF You Go! : Slice #6 Conversations with Eileen

Evening Slicers and Eileen,


It’s late for me, almost too late for this post but there was no other way to do justice to a rich and full day and still make time to reflect in a Slice.  I don’t have the energy to made sense of the day at HF, so I’m going to wait till the morning, but the dessert of the day came when a small group of the HVWP celebrated Christine who is finally leaving for Finland to observe what’s happening in schools where kids and teachers are supported and respected, we think.

Christine, my great buddy will be sharing her adventures with me and I feel so blessed that we sent her off tonight at Cosimo’s in Newburgh, NY

Tom, Mary Jackie and Jenn made it their business to join us for dinner and wonderful conversation.

I am brimming as I write…

I can’t wait to share more as Christine gets to spread her wings…. fly on my friend and see you in April… okay?

I’d like to say more… I will, but not right now okay?


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4 thoughts on “OFF You Go! : Slice #6 Conversations with Eileen

  1. I love your photo! Christine’s adventure sounds fantastic! I wonder what she’ll discover?

  2. I hope to help her share her work. I am her videographer and will visit her in April 🙂

  3. Does this mean you get to visit her in Finland? I, too, am so interested in what she will discover about the school system. What a nice send off for her.

  4. Bon voyage…can’t wait to learn what she learns!

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