One Last One, I Hope: Slice #8 Conversations with Eileen

Morning Everyone,

It’s SNOWING!  I have nowhere to go this morning and you know, I’m enjoying it!  In fact, I just raced outside to grab this:



Just a week ago I was here:

IMG_0739But it’s okay…it’s great to have it all, especially when tomorrow morning we will be back up to 50 degrees, just when I need to be back on the roads and riding up the NYS Thruway to keynote  our Hudson Valley Writing Project’s annual tech conference.  So I do have some work to do and it’s all on this fantastic machine :).  So as long as we hold on to our power, I’m fine.

PJ’s, coffee, Morning Joe, the NY Times, clicking on computer…I’m fine!

What are you doing this morning?


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8 thoughts on “One Last One, I Hope: Slice #8 Conversations with Eileen

  1. Love the pics…I forgot the alarm and am posting…yikes at school. The snow still pleases me, but I’ll be happy to walk the beaches of MI this summer and hopefully spring. I love my life, and it sounds like you do too. Happy conference. xo

  2. Snow is beautiful but enough already! Have a great day tweaking your notes and safe driving tomorrow.

  3. What a difference a week makes! I know, trite but true! Enjoy your day, Bonnie & best wishes tomorrow. I have the reverse-warm today, snow tomorrow!

  4. I’m accompanying a family member to a medical procedure, sans NY Times. :(. Once said person goes back, I’m walking over to the hospital’s Starbucks with my laptop to get some work done.

    Hope it’s the last snow of the season.

  5. Ugh…miserable commute in, and then everyone was worried about the drive home….now to shovel the drive….I’m done with snow!

  6. Quite a difference. I think I could get use to the beach weather. I live in a land locked state so just a bit envious.

  7. Love the contrast of the two images. I hope your snow day was delightful!

  8. What a contrast between the two pics. What a contrast between this post and the post a day before.
    I am commenting on Saturday. It has been a slow and beautiful winter day.

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