Slicing/Commenting: Slice #10 Conversations with Eileen

It’s early Sunday morning.  Tuvia has already changed the clocks so I’m really writing at 4:39 and I’ve been up reading comments from yesterday and today for another hour… YIKES! I wonder if I can salvage my Sunday?

But first… I’m remembering Saturday…

Anyway, I don’t think I could have had a better Saturday.  Up early, out the door dressed for success 🙂 My keynote was ready to rock and in the car-ride up to New Paltz I composed my intro. I was lost in my thoughts and as I got closer to my exit I was surprised that I had arrived so easily.

I was home… a parking spot close to our renovated Old Main in the circle… I unloaded my trunk, grabbing my red bags, my black photo bag, my tripod.  Everything felt familiar and comfortable around my neck and in my arms.

I was ready and I was sure that Andrea was ready.  We had so much to share….over the past few months we had planned this conference talk about our work casually as we worked on our ongoing project.  Our keynote was ongoing, reflecting the project itself.  We had fresh videos to share but we are not at the end.  We are fluid.  The big project has still to take shape in the classrooms of Lucas, Jenn, Paul, Nicolette, Jevina… but we are confident it will happen.

I rode up in the elevator with Jackie… Jack was in the large room where we would present to the full group of participants: members of the HVWP community, teachers from the area, pre service teachers at the college.  Always an interesting audience in attendance.

I was totally relaxed and HOME.

We were ready to begin before our 9:00 agenda time.  I was soooo relaxed!  My into was smooth… and I kicked things off… even though we never decided who would cover what, we were working comfortably
y, instinctively.  Participants kept arriving as we began.  More chairs had to be brought in…. we were off…. sharing the presentation… sharing our teacher videos… It felt good, really good..DSC_0300

We had time to debrief, I moved around and grabbed photos from the other workshops… it was a great morning…and…

I still had a full day back home… OZ, Great and Powerful with 8 year old Mihael… dinner at the diner… and HOME to write my slice and get to catch up with other Slicers…

I couldn’t stop clicking and reading…and leaving something… I was so hooked!  Yes I should have been sleeping sooner but I couldn’t stop reading, getting to know my slicing community.  It was so much fun to give myself up to it…

Try it, today…commenting marathon!


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11 thoughts on “Slicing/Commenting: Slice #10 Conversations with Eileen

  1. Glad your keynote went well. I’d love to hear more about it! I’ve also gotten lost in reading the amazing writing that everyone is sharing. People’s stories are so inspiring, but if we only read, we won’t have time for our own writing! And today we have one less hour to do it all! Good luck balancing your day!

  2. Nice to hear how comfortable you are in your work. Work and home are one.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Bonnie. Wish I could have heard your keynote. I’m working hard at reading and commenting today also. I am inspired already with a list of things I want to write about or investigate. Progress notes, IEP’s, and lesson plans can wait for a while.

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  5. Bonnie! I missed you! So nice to be back in the TWT community! Now I’m hunting for girlgriot, and a few other long termers.

  6. Ah, the perfect day…smooth sailing all the way. So great that you were able to catch Oz with Mihael – that must have been fun!

  7. Life is great when it all clicks together like the cogs of an old clock. Your joy and ease of the day flowed throughout. It is fun to learn about the new slicers and see what new pieces of themselves are revealed from the regular slicers. This was such a happy slice.

  8. Jaana

    Commenting is fun! I get so much joy–and I also learn a few lessons–from other slicers. Great community to be part of!

  9. mrssurridge

    Love those kind of days. I could really feel your excitement through your whole post and you made me smile.

  10. I could just feel the energy you created yesterday.

  11. I could just feel your energy radiating. You are a very energetic lady. Glad your keynote went well!

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