Dueling Dentists!: Slice #12 & Conversations with Eileen

sols_6   Yesterday at 2:40 I sat in a dental chair with headphones buried deep in my ears to block out the sounds of periodontal scaling in the lower left quarter of my mouth. I didn’t feel anything-GIVE ME THE SHOTS!  Well almost nothing.  I did hear some of the lovely sounds of yanking out the plaque but the music on my PERI playlist did refocus me.  And my hygienist was kind, kinder than any of the others I’ve had and  hated.

There’s only one guy I almost look forward to exploring in my mouth and I’ve written a lot about him.  Dr, Petix.  He’s a dentist with charisma!  He’s honest and well, I’d say a Mensch ( a good man a really good man) and the day that he totally stops working, well….I don’t want to think about it.  I don’t mind working my appointments around his schedule now that he’s down to just 2 days a week and when I came to see him a few months ago he advised, that for the good of my teeth I needed periodontal work. I took his advice and recommendation and set up with a long list of appointments and good thing I have dental insurance.  Enough said.

I have to tell you that yes, the hygienist Margaret is very nice but the real doctor, the periodontist… well as I stood at the desk passing over my Mastercard to pay for my hour of treatment, with the left side of my mouth numbed and expanded, Dr. Small walked out of another workroom acknowledged me with a casual, hi, how are you?  and walked on.  Hmmmm.  Not a Dr. Petix.  He does have a partner who seems to be a bit more genuine.  I might switch.  I’m usually more intimidated by doctors but dentists…I’ve never been intimidated by them.  Maybe it’s Tuvia’s influence, maybe it’s Dr. Petix.  I don’t do anything without checking in with him. Ahh, second opinions are so important.

Okay, so I left the office and headed for home.  Just 20 minutes away, Tuvia was in a dental chair in Paramus, suffering through a dental implant at exactly the same time!  Suffering together and separately. I’m okay this morning but I’m just about to race to the shower, dress, pack and head out to him.

I wonder how someone decides to be a dentist.  Ugh… Well, unless you can be a Dr. Petix.Dr. Petix


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8 thoughts on “Dueling Dentists!: Slice #12 & Conversations with Eileen

  1. I’m glad it was you in the chair and not me. 🙂 When you have a great dentist, you want to keep him forever, but it sounds like your fellow is trying to step back. I’ve got a great one too and he’s pretty young. I hope he doesn’t ever retire on me.

  2. Dr. Petix will probably remain next to his dental chair until he can’t do it anymore. Tuvia still works 2 days a week and he is a lot older than my dentist 🙂

  3. My wonderful dentist retired a couple of years ago, but thank goodness his partner is good, too, not the same, but he’s good. I think the problem is that we can’t talk, which often helps alleviate the nervousness. I can’t imagine choosing this as a profession either Bonnie, unless you are, as said, a Dr. Petix. Glad you’re out of there for now!

  4. Dr. Petix sounds like my former allergist, Dr. Davis. He was a mensch too. I cried the day he told me he was retiring. The man even took a call from me when I was at summer camp once! It took me over a decade to find a new allergist who is as kind as Dr. Davis. Hopefully Dr. Petix won’t retire anytime soon.

  5. Great thoughts on dentists!! I too have one I adore. Somehow he makes you forgot how much pain you are really in!!

  6. Ouch! I see milkshakes, jello and soup on the menu.

  7. Painful post Bonnie…I’ve been avoiding the dentist, and both you and Tuvia have now shamed me into making the appointment, and (maybe) even showing up . Sigh. Dr. Petix sounds like a marvel.

  8. mrssurridge

    My dentist has actually been a friend of mine since we were undergrads together. My husband and I have traveled with his family, visited their home often, gone to church together and dined in numerous places. I love him…except when he has that dental mask on his face. Then he is someone I am not fond of at all.

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