Digital Love: Slice #13 Conversations with Eileen

Morning 🙂

It’s Day 13 and we are almost at the half-way mark, what?   I remember that first fresh email invitation from Ruth. Hey, I’m having a blast!  Let’s  slow everything  down, oaky?

But being grounded in reality, here’s #13.


I’m back in a digital piece.  This one is my first wedding video to be shown at the rehearsal dinner, the entertainment of the evening.  I never like these pieces when I’m in the intimate audience. They are usually too long with way too many photos, lots of poor quality photos.  They never feel constructed. Really, how many The pieces I’ve seen are usually just too long with way too many photos.  Just a slide show without structure that seems to go on and on… Just how many baby pictures of the happy couple do we need to see?

When my niece asked me to create one for her and video tape her wedding, I said yes, immediately.  I never turn down a new digital challenge and I wanted to take on this genre.  Over the last 5 months I prodded Amanda to get me her favorite photos from her own archives and  from her fiancee..  I have my own  collection our family  photo  and I started taking more posed pictures of the couple at family events. I scheduled interviews with family and friends over Thanksgiving. And sent me a list of songs that touched her.  I warned her that this would not be a piece like other wedding videos. She was ready to take a ride with me.

As usual,  I jumped right in collecting  pictures, downloading the interviews , getting Amanda to select music that I downloaded into a new  Manda playlist on all my devices to keep this piece with me, always, I  even opened a new project in Final Cut Studio.

I started with a piece of music and created an opening with a full set of images that worked well with that first song,  and then I stopped!

I  walked  away and left it.  I had other pieces to take on that I needed for conferences that would come first.  I still had time, April 7th.  But it was in gnawing, in the back of my head.  I played the music over and over in the car and from that original list of 6 songs, I was hoping to only use two.  I almost pushed her to use a song or two that I loved but no, I wanted the love songs to be hers.  She know I’m not going to use all 6.  I am actually proud of her for letting me take artistic control, trusting that I will do right by her.

Of course, I could have been working on this piece even with my conference work, but I needed my usual procrastination time when I wonder if I can even create a good piece; when I wonder if my video interviews will be good; if my piece will be just like all the other boring ones.  Of course, the audience is an easy one.  They will sit and watch anything and enjoy it when they see themselves and take the ride into the past.

But over the last two days I’ve been in this piece.  Yesterday with Tuvia recuperating for his dental implant surgery I had large pockets of time and I worked.  I am probably close to a full draft and I’ve only used two songs and half of the interviews I made. Tuvia took a look and enjoyed it.

So, I’m feeling way ahead of the deadline!  My guilty conscience is silenced once again 🙂

Here’s the happy couple DSC_0274



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6 thoughts on “Digital Love: Slice #13 Conversations with Eileen

  1. Looking forward to seeing the completed piece, Bonnie. I think that when it comes to something like this, when you have to try to capture the essence of a realationship in all it’s hopeful, joyful manifestations, you have a challenging task. Good for you that you let it percolate for a while!

  2. Lisa

    I hope you’ll share the final piece with us! I agree with your assessment of the usual wedding montage.

    I just completed a family scrapbook to give my in-laws for their 70th and 75th birthdays. The whole family participated in your “procrastination” strategy for thinking and perfecting their work. I am more of a “revise and edit” kind of person. I commit it all to paper, then go back and perfect it. My hubby and his siblings want it all worked out before they put it in writing.

  3. Something great takes time. I know that it has been simmering in the back of your mind (unconsciously) even when you were working on your conference pieces. Your niece will be thrilled with it and so will the rest of the family. You do awesome work!

  4. luckygurl

    I totally relate to your feelings at the beginning of this post. “They just never feel constructed.” I bring pretty high expectations to most things I do, and it would be accurate to say that I try very hard to construct my life’s work: bring meaning and intention to shaping my time and creations… One of the things I’ve found in trying to live in this way is that it’s as much about the things you leave OUT as the things you include… So difficult to be disciplined in this way, but it sounds like you’re going to be very successful. :). Thanks for sharing your process! (It really made me reflect.)

  5. I am sure the digital story will be amazing.

  6. It truly is digital love, Bonnie. Lucky niece. I hope later you’ll get to share what & how you’ve created!

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