Getting HVWP Juiced: Slice #14 Conversations with Eileen

From Tom’s SUNY New Paltz window I see this


IMG_0879and it works to juice us as we plan our Hudson Valley Writing Project work.  I will be returning as a co-faciltator to our Summer Institute that will focus me for July.  I’ve been off for the last two summers taking a break from the demands of our packed institute.  It’s a wonderful way to spend July but it was so good to take a break.  Last July even if I wanted to it would have been impossible but no matter why, it was a good thing to take a break and return now, refreshed!

What I love the most is collaborating with a wonderful group of people.  Take two: Mary and Jackie at the Tea Room.  Looks cool, right?

Not exactly my favorite place for a good cup of coffee.  The cups are way too small and the menu way to0 narrow, but the atmosphere is as cool as you might expect from the photo.  I’ve been working with this team for 12 years, probably more.  Our work is exciting and over the years together it has allowed us to grow along with the world of school.


So I am just about to get off and meet an assistant superintendent from a local public school.  It’s great to be here.  Too cold outside, but we have brought the outside, in.

HVWP, YES!!!!    I will be off DC on Wednesday to advocate for the continuation of our project both locally and nationally.  Obama, you will be in Israel but that won’t shut DC down… Senators and Congressmen, get ready!


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5 thoughts on “Getting HVWP Juiced: Slice #14 Conversations with Eileen

  1. Terje

    The positibve energy from the project will lead you forward. Your last paragraph is filled with determiation to stand your ground.

  2. Working with a team over that many years bears much fruit. Wishing you success in Washington for HVWP and us all.

  3. You are a voice to be reckoned with, so DC be prepared! What an asset you are for the writing project.

  4. The Writing Project is so powerful. Here is to your continued success.

  5. Look out pols! Take it to them, Bonnie. Programs like these need to be rolled out everywhere. I love the energy in your post, so clear how much you love HVWP!

    And I love the views around SUNY New Paltz! (Looking forward to my trip up to the Ulster County Craft Fair!)

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