Finland, Here I Come: Slice #15 Conversations with Eileen


Slicers, we are at mid point today,

Does it feel like we are half way through the month, Ides of March?

Well, today, yes, I do feel we are in the Ides.

Head Cold for me arrived early this morning.  First with some sneezing, more sneezing. runny nose and an hour later, say, 3:45 AM… chills hit… more nose, more sneezing.. head ache… no sleep allowed!  Tylenol didn’t help!  No sleep… aches… decision to cancel early morning exercise…evening events cancelled,




Finland, here I come… Here’s where I’ll be:Tampere with Christine!

I will be able to see for myself just what makes The Finns moving in the right direction, and I don’t mean high test scores even though they are there.

I am marking up my calendar now, syncing it with Christine’s… a full fledged Fulbright Scholar, who, after a challenging detour, thanks to a return of cancer, she has shown courage and strength to keep moving on… refusing to be beaten down 🙂

By the time I arrive in a little more than a moth from now, Christine know her way around the town the school, Finland.  Yes, I’m arriving on my own but Tuvia will join me for the last 4 days of my Finnish adventure.

BRING IT ON! My cameras are charged to capture what I discover.


Yes, that’s snow !

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8 thoughts on “Finland, Here I Come: Slice #15 Conversations with Eileen

  1. How exciting! You will be sharing this experience with us, right? I can’t wait to read what you find. I would love to have an extended visit to Finland. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Woah, leaving already?! I hope you have time to recover first, though Bonnie. I am so excited for this trip of yours…perhaps you’ll do a presentation abut it when you return? Just can’t wait to hear abut the Finnish miracles and draw new ideas from what you learn.

  3. 🙂 just ready to buy my ticket! April 24th

  4. Finland Wow – that is a road trip. Second thought that is a sky trip. I hope it is wonderful.

  5. Terje

    When you arrive in Finland, it will be spring already. If you have time left over in Finland, hop on a boat and come to Tallinn, Estonia.
    Sorry to hear that germs or virus ruined your plans. I was glad to read from your next post that you are feeling better already.

  6. I am so excited for this! Each day I am finding new little things that I know you will appreciate when you get here, Bonnie! This city is wonderful and beginning tomorrow, I should be making my way into the schools. Phew! Less than a week and the ball is rolling quickly!

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