Slice #16 What?: Conversations with Eileen

sols_6I’m beginning this Slice without a clear plan, without something burning to share.

Sorry, my head have been invaded by those mean cold germs and I am at their mercy.  They are running the show.  Yesterday I was out of commission.  All my plans, and Tuvia’s were put on hold: no guitar practice, no shopping, no Friday night dinner with family in Hoboken, no movie night.  Sure, I did write a slice and I read and commented on others,  I talked to Christine in Finland(so cool) and started helping her debrief her first 4 days, (so cool)  and I did enjoy Harold’s vegetable pea soup, but I slept a lot and walked around like a zombie and had a hard time actually sleeping through the night.

This morning I’m probably on the mend, as they say, when the cold climaxes and your head really feels fully stuffed.  That’s where I am.

I hope Tuvia has patience because I am still without energy and I’m sure this is my own fault. Thursday was amazingly cold and I walked around New Paltz with my winter jacket open.  It was windy and I was in it way too much.  It was a long day…a very long day…and by the end of the day it was so cold and so windy and I was just coming in for the night at 8:30.

Anyway, I will be good for another day hoping we won’t have to cancel going out plans for tonight.  And tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day is also my dad’s birthday.  Can’t miss his brunch. I’m bringing the bagels and cream cheese.

So, I’m ready for cup of coffee #1  Enjoy 🙂

My elixir



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19 thoughts on “Slice #16 What?: Conversations with Eileen

  1. I hate it when the germs invade and the rest of the life is put on hold. I hope you are on the mend and enjoy that elixir. 🙂

  2. I’m trying, a bit, to catch up on SOL bloggers this morning and so I ventured over. While I have read your and so many other, I too have been focused on my “assigned” bloggers for commenting along with the 3 people ahead and behind me each day….yet…sometimes….blogs stay we me. Your photos of that cold day in New Paltz (when you should have had your coat buttoned) filled me with excitement for the summer…so many people who just might see the power of writing to inform writing…I have been thinking of the image of you planning and dreaming of the warm weather and the potential ahead…and then you change gears and pop in a hint that Finland will soon be your emailing address…your blog fills me with inspiration and knowledge that retirement from Job 1 (some day in the not tto distant future) will be a as full as I want it to be! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I don’t know any retired teacher that has any trouble finding new challenge, Anita. We seem to embrace the time to keep learning…

  3. So, sick as you are, you are reaching out to Christine, planning this and doing that….you are a marvel both in sickness and in health. Feel better soon, my friend!

    • I’m just about to book our tickets. I am so excited to be working on this project with Christine. I think you would love her.

  4. Sorry you aren’t well 😦 Hope you get better asap! I’ve been sick 4 times this school year! It has been the worst school year of sickness for me and I had a flu shot!

  5. It is definitely the time for head colds. Many at school are suffering right now, including me! Feel better soon!

  6. I”m glad you are on the mend. The way your personified the cold germs gave me a fresh image of what it feels like to have a head cold. I’m thankful you kept slicing despite the invasion!

  7. Julie

    Sorry to hear you are dealing with a nasty cold – but very impressed with how you so accurately described your symptoms. I lost my entire Spring Break week this past week to a similar cold….. not very happy about it! Get well sooooooon.

  8. mrssurridge

    I had that cold this year and you explained it so well. I felt like my head had been invaded and I walked around like a zombie. I also combated it by lots and lots of sleep. Hopefully your senses join you soon.

  9. I hope you are better soon and able to enjoy St. Pad day’s Day.

  10. Sorry I haven’t been reading all your slices, Bonnie, but your trip to Finland sounds wonderful & sorry about the cold. Just an FYI-next time you are feeling the cold coming, take Zicam. I am convinced it’s just about the best cure. Best wishes.

    • So worry Linda you are there for me! Cold is getting better and I have a break before I need to pack for a short week in DC.

  11. Sorry you are feeling crummy! Hopefully you are on the mend and will be good to go for your dad’s birthday tomorrow.

  12. Oh boy… the zombie-stage… that’s the WORST. Hope that you were right and on the mend, and that you enjoyed your evening and wake up a little less clogged-up-in-the-head in the morning!

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