A Year of Adjustment Part I: Slice of Life #17 Conversations with Eileen

Morning Slicers,

It’s been a tough year for this guy:

and we are celebrating his 93rd, IMG_0895nope, 92nd birthday today without the love of his life.  He is not a person to complain but we all know that without his wife, without work his life is uneventful.  Yes, he has support.  I call every morning and see him every Sunday with bags of kosher foods from Harolds Deli.  My brother lives just across the street and grabs him  up for a lunch, for dinner, for a good laugh.  And he has a wonderful caregiver who is devoted to him.  But his life as he knew and loved it is gone.

He warns me about aging. I try to embrace every day as a gift. He’s one classy guy.

Happy Birthday, DAD!

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9 thoughts on “A Year of Adjustment Part I: Slice of Life #17 Conversations with Eileen

  1. Love the picture as well as the love and appreciation that resonates in your words. Great post.

  2. Celebrate every day! That is a wonderful message and the older I get the more it resonates. That dessert looks amazing! Yum!

  3. Happy Birthday, Bonnie’s dad! He is surrounded, still by love – that is a gift for you all. And Elsie is right about that cake…!!

  4. Wonderful that you have him close, your brother too. Have a special birthday with him today, Bonnie, & tell him wishes come from lots of places!

  5. Oh I remember him from last year. I am sorry for his tough year. He still has lessons to teach and to learn. I hear your love.

  6. What a great smile! Keep celebrating him!!

  7. Love – It is so fragile yet so powerful. May the celebrations be memorable and treasures for your heart.

  8. Bev

    What a lovely way to honour your dad. Happy birthday to him.

  9. Thanks everyone. It was a great celebration 🙂

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