The Best Part of Me: Slice #19 Conversations with Eileen

Morning Slicers,

Snow greets us here and it’s gorgeous, don’t you think?


It’s a perfect way to wake up as long as you don’t have to get out into it for a few hours.   I’m good until 9:45 and I was smart to put my car in its garage yesterday taking the weather predictions seriously.

So I have a perfect 30 minutes for this Slice…

I’ve been thinking a lot about Elsie’s Slice and I’ve been avoiding the actual writing.  Yes, I think it’s a great writing prompt and yes, I want a copy of the book that inspired Elsie, but for me, hmmm.  I’ve been hesitant to take this writing on.  But here goes:

For most of my life I was always told I had beautiful eyes.  I took the compliments, enjoyed them and lived a fragmented life of sorts.  Beautiful eyes… only beautiful eyes… and the rest… well… stick with the eyes.  I think I wished I heard… just beautiful… or pretty, or something more, something fuller… and I’ve always been insecure about how I looked as a whole.  I thought I was fat, unattractive etc…

and then came the digital camera and a wonderful man.

As I came to love photography- taking photos and Tuvia could look across from me first thing in the morning, smile and say “you look wonderful”.  I’ve grown to believe that best part of me is my whole face: eyes, smile, nose…all things that define my spirit… does that count?

And yes, as I took up the camera to shoot others, I was happy and willing to hand it off to be shot as well. I have made my peace with the lens. Over time, when I thought I was at my fattest, I had photos to document my reality and hey I don’t look fat. Mostly…



DSC_0215P1080706 P1020469 P1010616 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC_0033

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8 thoughts on “The Best Part of Me: Slice #19 Conversations with Eileen

  1. You don’t look fat. 🙂 But what really jumps out at me from your pictures is that you look so HAPPY. Great slice, thanks!

  2. “I’ve grown to believe that best part of me is my whole face: eyes, smile, nose…all things that define my spirit… does that count?”
    Well, YEAH!!! Women are always so hard on ourselves – we are never satisfied. I was thinking of writing to Elsie’s prompt,too…but could not identify one thing to focus on…which made me depressed…which made me mad…and then I had to laugh at myself. I was doing exactly what I have always told my daughters and students not to. So, tomorrow I will write about something – my hands, perhaps!

  3. Tara, I’m with you. We often say, “yeah, I have nice toes, but look at my ________(fill in the blank )! Perhaps we focus on eyes because they tell so much, they are often our window to judgement. Well, I’m just going on here and will retreat to my blog to expound further.
    Love your photos and your obvious joy. Just joy!

  4. I have been reading Elsie’s Slice too and marvel at it. I hope to try to write the best parts of me…but know it has to come at the right time…or does it…you seemed to feel that and then you just jumped right to it…and what a lovely post. I liked where Tuvia said you look wonderful. It reminds me of my husband…we have only been married three and a half years (we are both retired…so second marriages for both of us)…but he expresses such things to me…even when I know in reality…according to the magazines and socially accepted…that I am not beautiful…but then…who wants to be if you have to work so hard at it. Beauty is in your smile…your eyes…who you are…and looking at your pictures…you are a beautiful person…but most important….just from reading your posts…I have learned that you are truly a beautiful person where it really counts…inside…your relationship with the world…just being you. Thanks for the post…and the pictures…(I play a little guitar myself). Jackie

  5. We are so much better off when we’re kinder to ourselves (especially when it concerns photographs). I find that taking time away from photos that make me cringe helps me to gain perspective.

    You look wonderful, Bonnie!

  6. Bonnie, I love what you wrote about yourself. It is so difficult to find the part of yourself that you like the best and who cares what the rest of the world says. Your face has so much joy which makes you beautiful to all. A wonderful man who says you look wonderful, something we all want to hear from someone special.

  7. gillis

    You have the most beautiful, warm smile. Thank you for sharing this post.

  8. Thanks for sharing both words and pictures. Beautiful.

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