Slicing #22 at the Gramercy B & B: Slice: Conversations with Eileen

Evening Slicers,

So sorry that I couldn’t read any slices today or even write along with you but between yesterday and today I’m not grounded.  Yes, I’ve been enjoying life but I’ve been moving around…

Yesterday our writing project raced around the Capital meeting with Congressional  aides, sharing our site work, advocating for continued federal support and grabbing a photo where we could.  Hey, I even got a handshake from Chuck Schumer as he raced ahead of me into his office, while he continued talking on his cell phone.  We did get  to meet a new congressman, who defeated that crazy Tea Party rep, Nan Hayworth.  We met her when she first arrived two years ago.  She was insane and Sean Maloney is a breath of fresh air:


We are not where we were the year after Obama first won the White House, but we are still here and those reps we met with are supporting us even though we all have the 50 tea party nuts to deal with in the House.

We were glad to be together, meeting with the larger network even if our numbers were tiny this year.  We still continue to advocate for great teachers.

In fact, far away, in very cold Finland, Christine has been reworking her letter, transforming it into a digital piece.

Check it out if you have 4 1/2 minutes


Our work on the Hill ended this morning and now I’m back with Joseph and Patti and the U of Maryland Writing Project at a wonderful B and B outside Baltimore. Here we are documenting Patti’s great work, chatting with writing project teachers here and enjoying great Thai food.


So it’s all good my friends.  I’m exhausted.  Hope I don’t have too many errors in this draft.

More tomorrow.  Things are slowing down… almost back to normal just before we kick off Passover on Monday night.


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4 thoughts on “Slicing #22 at the Gramercy B & B: Slice: Conversations with Eileen

  1. A rich and learning filled day. And you saw Schumer!:)

  2. Sounds like a busy but rewarding day – thanks for doing important work on behalf of all teachers. (I had to laugh out loud that you called them tea party nuts. hee hee)

  3. You definitely are on the move, what a day! Sounds like it was a successful time in all locales. Safe travels to you.

  4. Just watched the video, my reaction WOW!

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