Passover with Style :) Slice #25

Morning Slicers,

First, let me say thanks for last night’s outpouring of warm support and love for my year-long journey of remembering Eileen. Just moments after I posted the Slice at Two Writing Teachers and on Face/Twitter the comments started flying in. I’m so glad to be in this community of caring writers.  Conversations with Eileen will continue.

Tonight we begin Passover.  Tonight we take the ride to Hoboken to join Tuvia’s family.  They all speak Hebrew and even though I tried hard to master that language I just couldn’t crack it.  I’m not good at cracking the codes of any other language. English is my ongoing challenge.  It’s okay, I’m not beating myself up.    Tuvia will be at my side and try to steer  conversations to English.  They almost all speak English.  But really it will be okay.  Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy the experience,like so many ESL humans.

Even though I have this language thing, I will LOVE the evening with a table of family, a table of homemade traditional foods, kids itching to get back to their fun, family together for Passover.  Rich in family.

Tomorrow we’ll be at my family’s table.  Strangely it will be more traditional,  complete with the Haggadah for the Passover service. Tuvia will wiggle a bit, impatient.  But it’s my sister-inlaw’s night to shine with her food creations and service crafting for the non-Hebrew speaking Americans.

I used to dread these holidays. Too many people, what to wear… I think that changed when Tuvia and I met and my Jewish world opened to include his family.  I came to love and appreciate the diversity.

So tonight Adi and her mom, who has just arrived from Tel Aviv for a long visit, will cook like crazy.  Mia and Mihael will play with cousins from South Carolina, Tuvia’s sister-in-law will be picked up at the train station.  Ron will arrive on his own and we will come with Harold’s gefilte fish.

I can’t wait…

Pictures to follow…

Hag Sameach,


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5 thoughts on “Passover with Style :) Slice #25

  1. “Rich in family.” That sentence says it all. You are also rich in traditions. Each family has their own ways to celebrate and that enhances the celebration. I’m looking forward to the pictures.

  2. It sounds like a joyous time, Bonnie…enjoy!

  3. As Elsie said, each family has their own traditions. It’s so nice to hear you cherish each one for their uniqueness. Happy Passover, Bonnie.

  4. Happy Passover. I agree to be rich in family is a true blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I’m catching up on slices tonight…the images of your Passover are RICH in family….wonderful…and prepare me for the cooking (and cleaning) ahead…for our own….RICH in family celebration. Thank you for sharing.

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