Big Day Today: Slice #27

Morning Slicers,

I’m loving this sunrise.  Still cold in the northeast but no new snowfall over the Hudson. Maybe there will be spring!

Today, around noon, I’ll be flying up the Thruway to join my Hudson Valley Writing Project buddies to interview candidates for our Summer Institute 2014.  I’ve been away from the heart of our site for the last two years and I’m back in the mix to return to the facilitation team with my newbie friend, Christine.

It was good to take a break, it was good to have my July back, it was good to give my car a break from the 120 mile roundtrip journey each day. Of course I left it in a good hands.  Tom Meyer, Director of our project took the reins up with Katelin who had been facilitating with me, so he had continuity and freedom to move it in new directions.

Our NWP network offers a wonderful model for work with teachers and today, we get to interview a new crop of wonderful teachers using our model of collaborative, group interviewing. Our new candidates will get to know one another with us, our interviewing team. They will come to our table and share themselves and their work and as the day ends, our leadership team will meet together for one last session to begin to create the new SI…

I can’t say that I’m not a bit nervous after being away but that’s a good thing.  After facilitating 10 SIs it was time for me to take a break and do other things, but it’s still the center of everything we do and I did miss getting to know and work with our newest teachers.

You can’t have it all, right?

Once the team is set, then the work begins to get ready for the new SI… good thing we have returning fellows who have worked with me previously and have been with Tom for the past summer.

I write a lot about my 2nd career as an HVWP Co-Director/Teacher Consultant. It’s been such a gift.

I’ll let you know how things good.  Wish me luck…


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8 thoughts on “Big Day Today: Slice #27

  1. You will have a fresh spirit to share and that’s always a good thing. So I wish you luck today.:-)

  2. Hope the day goes well, Bonnie. It sounds exciting, but complicated too. A mix of people make it so.

  3. The Summer Institute was life changing for me. Even though I’ve been away for years, I have so many fond memories and confidence as a writer. I know you will make it a special experience for the new TCs and you’ll grow in the process. All good!

  4. Sounds so wonderful,Bonnie…do you have to be a teacher in the Hudson Valley in order to participate?

  5. Although I’ve never been able to take advantage of the program, (I’m so jealous!) I know it is a pivotal moment for teachers. Congratulations on all your work for literacy.

  6. More power to you Bonnie. New challenges and projects provide us with an energy and renewed sense of purpose in our work. Exciting to say the least. Best of luck…

  7. Yes it was a great day. We will have one very amazing SI this summer.

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