A Slicer’s Reflection: Slice # 28


It’s late and I could wait until the morning, but hey, I’m up now and I’m on a writer’s roll.

We are coming to the end of this March Writing Marathon and I’m feeling that it’s time to ask: what made this one different from the other 5?( I’m still in the Seder frame-of-mind.)

This year I had a strong start.  I was just back from a great beach vacation and racing back into my life with lots to write about.  I didn’t have too much energy at first to comment on many other slices,  I wanted to, but I lost my focus quickly.  It was hard to get back on a normal sleep schedule.  And yes, it was tough to figure out want Slicers I should respond to.  I tried to add newbies into my usual circle of Slicers I read regularly: Tara, Stacey, Linda, Elsie, Stacie, Kevin…

I had no trouble composing my own slices.  I write best in my own moments.  I don’t know if that’s interesting to others, but it works  for me.

I don’t have my own classroom so sometimes I feel like I’m missing something that most Slicers share. But I do have a very rich work life with the HVWP and during this past month, I have had lots of  PD and documentary challenges to share.

As the month progressed I did get my energy back and I loved reading lots of slicers, getting to know them, reading a bunch regularly.

I had one Slice that I knew was coming to mark  the 1 year anniversary of the loss of my close friend, Eileen, but it was that Slice that brought me the greatest number of comments.  Interesting… and  supportive 🙂

Bravo to Ruth and Stacey for their great success here that they’ve built their online space  over the years, continually pushing themselves to make this space fresh and innovative, never resting on their laurels.

I am not feeling the usual sadness as I have in the past.  I will write blog entries often, maybe not every day, and Tuesday Slices will take me right back to a version of this wonderful writing experience with a real community of fantastic teacher writers.

I’m feeling very rich…


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11 thoughts on “A Slicer’s Reflection: Slice # 28

  1. I just realized I’m commenting for your tomorrow slice, & it is rich, Bonnie. I’ve enjoyed each of your posts, the travels, the work you do in education, and your personal celebrations and sorrows. You have enriched my life, too. It has been a grand month of conversation, hasn’t it? Thanks for starting me thinking about my own reflection…

  2. As always, it’s great to see your words flowing into my RSS every morning, even if I was a comment slacker during this year’s Slice of Life.

  3. What a wonderful word to describe the experience and what stays in our hearts. I too am richer for doing this and only wish there were more hours in a day….

  4. Bonnie,
    I always enjoy your kind words. Your slice give me many things to ponder.

  5. It’s been a fun month that did seem to fly by. It’s always fun to read what’s on your mind or what you are doing for the day. I’m glad I was along for the ride.

  6. Our community is richer because of your dedication and devotion, Bonnie. Thanks for your unwavering support.

    Chag sameach!

  7. As a newbie I so appreciated the support for those of you who were pros. I found at times I would read a lot of posts and comment on them….and then get caught up in reading and forget to post a comment. This has been a positive experience and I hope to join again.

  8. Loved slicing with you, my friend…

  9. mag

    So enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos.

  10. Terje

    It is the same in every day life that we meet some people more often than others, but even some occasional meetings can be rich and inspiring. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

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