A Story to Share: Slice #30

There’s just one last slice to compose for tomorrow.  No pressure of course, but boy this has been a wonderful challenge.

Funny, this is the story that I was planning to write and share today but  Manda’s wedding video took center stage.

Now I’m free to recreate this morning as I was coming to the end of my gym workout with my trainer, Anthony.  My arms were killing me and both of us moved to a favorite leg machine to end a very productive hour.

Just next to us, another trainer was working with his client.  It was clear that Anthony was friendly with the smiling PT and after a bit of small talk he turned to me.

“Ms. Kaplan, you were my 8th grade English teacher.” Still smiling, and you don’t recognize me, Carl? Carl Helstead?

“Carl? You don’t look like that sweet, small 8th grade boy.”

Carl, I couldn’t stop beaming at him.  Lucky for me I have been in touch with lots of my former students on Face Book and just because I still live in the county and visit my hometown where I started my career.  And I am always happy to meet up with my past.

But Carl, was a bonus.  A really wonderful student, usually happy to be in class, actively engaged, bright, creative and kind to everyone. But if I hadn’t pushed him, he would have never signed up  for my Drama elective in the fall of the next year.  He was not a theater kid and even though he loved the class, that was as much theater study as he probably ever had.

He remembered the details I confessed were not with me anymore, but it was so wonderful to see the boy I loved being with now a man who Anthony agrees, is great.

I couldn’t wait to ride back home and share this with Tuvia.  On my cell phone, I bubbled over with excitement and he took it all in, happy to be on the other end of my teacher joy to see one so small, explode into manhood.

I hope to see him again and share a picture with you.



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10 thoughts on “A Story to Share: Slice #30

  1. How awesome to see your student all grown up with find memories of time in your class.

  2. That is the best story of my day! I love to meet up with the grown ones…and hear their memories. Teachers always make a difference…in every word they say and in everything they do!

  3. It’s always great to have those connections. Great story, Bonnie.

  4. What a chance encounter and one that fills your heart with joy! Your descriptive words “explode into manhood,” made me smile. What an apt phrase. I love it!

  5. That’s a great story! You never forget your teachers–especially the great ones!

  6. What a wonderful encounter. Will you and Carl keep in touch on FB now?

  7. What a rush that must have been, Bonnie! I love encounters like this – and seeing how those little kids have blossomed into adults. Awesome!

  8. Excellent. Sounds like you nudged him into something out of his comfort zone and he took to it. Great story.

  9. A nice gift for you, Bonnie. It’s always a lovely thing when I see my former students. I’m glad you had such a sweet encounter.

  10. It is wonderful to see our students all grown up. It’s harder to recognize them from third grade, especially the boys. I love hearing about their lives. Thanks for sharing!

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