Short & Sweet: Slice #29

Evening Everyone,

I am late for today. Hey, it’s almost tomorrow, but the day just got away from me and not because I was far away from this computer. Nope, I was right here, but elsewhere.  I was off the internet, working on my video for next week, exactly a week from tomorrow, for a group of wedding guests at the rehearsal dinner,  who will watch my new piece no matter how long it turns out to be.  (Only 3 songs, I promise)

I am in the very last stage now.  All the video interviews have been edited and placed, the song are set in place, the photos, well I’m still playing with them but with just something cool to end it, I’m done and trust me, my sore eyes will be grateful.  You just can’t work so close to this screen without straining something.

But when I get to this place every time, just as I prepare to share one with an audience, I feel that  exciting, nerve-racking..opening night like I did as a high school director putting up a fresh play for audience eyes.

Of course the most important eyes are the eyes of the bride (my sweet niece) and her smiling groom, Steve…and their parents… But it’s that authentic publishing to a real audience that makes this work so powerful.

And of course, as I finish this piece with love, I have another piece to work on…

I think that will be a source of my continued growth as a creator, as a learner, keeping the line of digital pieces waiting to create.

I don’t know that I was planning to write about DSC_0274 tonight.  I just went with it…

All good,




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7 thoughts on “Short & Sweet: Slice #29

  1. juliahewitt

    Bonnie, you are simply stellar in every way. I hope to be half the auntie you are, and twice the mother or mother-in-law! XXO

  2. A busy day for you, but the best part was “I finish this piece with love.” That’s what matters. Can’t wait to hear the story of the reveal of your work.

  3. What a wonderful gift you are giving them.

  4. I’m sure it’s a wonderful video. Your niece is very lucky!

  5. I am imagining the big reveal next weekend…and the joy all your hard work will bring to the assembled….bride and groom especially.

  6. Forever memories crafted with love. Great stuff.

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