Last Slice of the Challenge: Slice #31

Hi Slicers,

I stalled today.  I was obsessing over one last draft of my wedding video for next Sunday and yes, I think I have it now.  I would love to put it up on You Tube after the rehearsal dinner’s premiere but there will be an issue using copywrited music. You tube will catch me  even if I give credit where it’s due. Oh well.

I wanted to compose this last slice thoughtfully, with more pizzaz but it came again, right on schedule: another head cold. 3 weekends 3 head colds… Ugh…

Yes, I did try to dress properly for the last few weeks of this lingering winter, but there were days that the winds attacked me where I was most vulnerable.

So sorry, the energy is just not with me as I cozy up to my man who feels my pain.  I just don’t want him to take in what I have.  It hits him harder.

So  once again I begin the week at a deficit without enough time to concentrate on my guitar practice.  But like my very patient sweetheart, I also have a very flexible teacher…

There is one good thing- if I feel tomorrow, like I do tonight, my periodontal appointment will have to be changed, right?  Can’t have someone poking around in my mouth with my head exploding 🙂

So thanks again Slicers for a wonderful month and see you back at  Two Writing Teachers for SOLT!



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11 thoughts on “Last Slice of the Challenge: Slice #31

  1. Thank you for a great month too, plus all the comments you made to me. Hey on another thought, I am working very hard to make it happen that I will go to All Write. Cross your fingers! 🙂
    Sorry the cold is back. 😦

  2. Bonnie, it’s been a pleasure to follow you on your many adventures. I love hearing what you are doing, & even more, what you have to say about it! Cheers for getting well!

  3. Thanks for another great slicing challenge….feel better!

  4. You guys ROCK! Hope to see you Elsie, in the flesh in Indiana.

  5. I have enjoyed my first year doing the Slice….especially reading other’s blogs…like yours. I sure hope you feel better…even if it means going to your perodontal appointment….at least your head won’t be exploding. Jackie

  6. Indeed thank you for a wonderful month and all the nice comments. I wish you a speedy recovery and less time in the cold and rainy / snowing weather that March brought our way! Sunshine and April are what you need!

  7. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts this month, and appreciate your supportive comments. Hope you feeling better soon!

  8. I hope you feel better soon.

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