Head Cold in an Arun: A Tuesday Slice


If it’s April, it’s Poetry Month and I wasn’t planning to write a poem, but I did stop by Stacie’s blog and I wasn’t surprised to find a delicious poem with a challenging structure… and I’m going to take the plunge today. Okay?



This is an Arun: fifteen lines, each set of five lines starts with one syllable and increases by one (1/2/3/4/5 — 3x)

am plagued
by attacking germs
that won’t leave me
in peace.
Half Stuffed
I sink into leather
With Soup and Matzah
Sleep to a movie
And Try Patience
It’s gone
When I wake
But no, there’s more
More, is it less?
I can’t tell.
That was fun.  Do I feel better? Maybe.
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17 thoughts on “Head Cold in an Arun: A Tuesday Slice

  1. Lynn

    There is nothing better for a cold than chicken soup..and the matzah with a little butter is the cherry on top! Love the style of the poem too! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Great poem but horrible to have the symptoms. again. Sorry to read that the germs have attacked once again. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. So sorry you’re sick, my friend! Hope it passes as quickly as the cold I had last week.

    Glad you felt up to taking in the poetry challenge. Brava!

  4. I have never heard of this form. You do it well. Feel better.

  5. Not much but time is effective against a cold… poetry is a new weapon, though!

  6. Aw-w, I’ve never heard of poetry as a cure for a head cold, but maybe if you do one a day? Get well, Bonnie!

  7. Very cool, Bonnie…and brave of you when you are feeling so poorly. I’d say “feel better!” , but I’ve said that’s twice already to no apparent avail. So…here’s to waking up tomorrow feeling back to normal!

  8. I’ve never seen this format before. I like it. Don’t like that you feel sick. Wish I could bring over the matzoh ball soup I made on the weekend. Jewish Penicillin… hope you can find some that works for you.

  9. THanks Everyone for your positive wishes… I will need them tomorrow. It’s my mom’s unveiling.

  10. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. And what a cool format. Might have to try it sometime this month.

  11. It could be all in my mind but I always head to the Zicam tabs when I feel a cold hovering, and I take an elderberry cap during the winter. Knock on wood. may tomorrow be a time for sweet memories.

  12. Hope you feel better soon Bonnie! The Arun is fun! Never heard of it before today!

  13. I agree with the others; poetry is a great way to combat a cold. The arun is new to me, too. Will add this form to my files. Feel better soon!

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