Home and Happy

Morning from Nyack,

I arrived home from Finland on Tuesday afternoon with a stop at the Suburban Diner for chicken soup. First night in Paramus but as Tuvia headed out to work the next morning I lugged my overweight bags into my waiting car and headed back to my place in the pouring  rain which was fine. By the time I stopped at my ShopRite for essentials to fill my refrigerator, there was a pause in the downpour. I couldn’t wait to plop down on my comfy couch and stay there for the whole day, another?  Before another rain burst I had my car unpacked in just two trips. I had my groceries put away and my luggage emptied with the usual piles of dirty clothes to make their way into the washer/dryer during the course of the day.  Maybe somethings didn’t need the wash and dry but how could it hurt.

Slowly, slowly,  everything was back in its place and my portable external hard drive with my freshly filmed interview videos landed a prime spot on the coffee table.  But my head was spinning, my eyes aching and I was officially feeling jet lag. Yes, I remembered it.

On  that first day home I did almost nothing beyond the clean up.   I passively caught up on mail, email, my favorite TV shows, and dozed and pretty much did exactly the same thing yesterday with a wake up at 3 and coffee at 3:30AM for the day.  On day 2 I couldn’t just veg. I caught up with Andrea, got a visit from Masas the super who came to check my balcony that was painted while I was gone and I did some planning for our upcoming HVWP SI Orientation on Saturday.  And finally,  I grabbed up that external hard drive calling to me and I opened it and started watching the teacher videos from Finland, creating a work flow on Final Cut and even though I was in the moment for all the conversations, it felt like I was hearing them for the first time.  It was exciting!  Of course I didn’t get through them all.  Just not enough focus quite yet and I took time to back them up on yet another hard drive and I took time to find some classroom photos for our documentary plan.

Another day of rain was welcomed to just love my couch and walk my apartment, my tree house over the Hudson.

Looks like today will be a perfect one to venture out into my NY/NJ world.  Back to the gym at 9:30, a conference call with our HVWP leadership team, maybe a chat with my buddy, Joseph, dinner tonight in Hoboken with Mihael, Mia, Ami and Adi.

It’s feeling good to be back home and slowly reflect on my adventures in Finland.

Good to hear the birds and feel like my winter pjs need to be replaced.  I’m home. 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Home and Happy

  1. Welcome home Bonnie! That jet lag is a killer, but it sounds like you’ve worked through it. I look forward to your video. It sounds like you will be busy for the next few weeks. I will be at All Write too, can’t wait!

  2. Welcome home, Bonnie. Love that part about giving up the winter pjs! We’re all so ready! Sounds as if the rainy days did you good & now you’re ready to get going. Looking forward to hearing more about your interviews & to seeing you at the All-Write!

  3. …..and the trees are blooming to welcome you home. What an adventure, Bonnie..can’t wait to see you and catch up on all of it! Welcome home, my friend!!

    • They are! Did you take a look at my new dinner dates? How about coffee soon?

      • All of the above! email to follow after I catch Scott and firm up our schedule….

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