Playing in Pluck: SOLT


13 years of classical guitar under my belt and yesterday with Pluck, our guitar orchestra, I played my part with calm and confidence and joy, surrounded by adults and kids who share my love to the guitar.

     Here’s our Mozart Symphony #25

I have been living a very crazy few months.  Good months, but traveling without my guitar  and  when I get back home and have to decompress before I can pick it up again, I am close very close to a lesson and way too unprepared.  But my teacher , Jonathan Trotta, is wonderfully patient and knows how to problem solve with me to get the most out of our lesson time together and my practice.

10+ years!

For the last week I played a lot and I followed the process Jon’s process to the tee  and it worked!

No shaking hands. I loved it!  Yes I was exhausted and wished I could race out of there when we were done,but  Tuvia’s family had come to see me, and Tom Chapin was still waiting to perform, so we were all there until the end.

And now, after a lesson the very next morning, I have a new song to work on, and old pieces to return to again.  My skills are growing to meet my passion.

I love making music.


DSC_0192 DSC_0221

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12 thoughts on “Playing in Pluck: SOLT

  1. You sounded great! And it was a festive, family time, too. I think Chapin plays at the Clearwater Festival this year, too. What a lovely time you all must have had!

    • Thanks Tara, it was great. Good to have Tuvia’s family with us and Tom was terrific, gearing his time to the family in his music. All good.

  2. margaretsmn

    I enjoyed hearing this. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a group of guitars play classical music. A wonderful sound. Congratulations on sticking with the guitar and overcoming your nervousness. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What joy! Doing something you truly love, with others who also love it… and all of you sharing it with others. Beautiful!

  4. I listened to this when you posted on Facebook, Bonnie. I don’t know you really, but am so proud of you & the persistence you are communicating through all the different times you’ve shared about the guitar playing. So great to have this for you! Thanks for sharing about your journey, challenges and triumphs!

  5. You are truly a role model for living life to the fullest! I am in awe of anyone who can create music. Well done Bonnie!

    • A great challenge. I’m so happy to be back with music and finally it’s starting to sound like music.
      Thanks for listening Elsie

  6. Jaana

    It is fun that I am reading this tonight. One of my high school students did his last presentation of the year on reading musical notes. He demonstrated all the different info by playing his guitar that he has been learning for the last few months. His presentation and your post is making me think if should consider picking up an instrument again….good thing summer is here! Thanks for sharing your love of music!

  7. Wonderful!

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