Lots to Chew On: Slice of Life Tuesday

Morning Slicers,

It’s another rainy morning over the Hudson and some of the roads in our area are flooded but it looks like I’ll be able to get to finish my professional development project at Highland Falls Intermediate School today.  Teachers are finally able to get into computer labs to have their students create digital stories. YES!

Last night though I was back in Finland as I edited a piece focusing on a wonderful retired education professor, Viljo Kohonen at the University of Tampere.  He was our very first interview.  I had just arrived, unpacked, and we were off.  He sat with us for two amazing hours and I am sharing 15 minutes of our conversation with you if you are game. He been at the center of Finland’s educational reforms.

I was thrilled to have Stacey invite me to write a post as a guest blogger and reflect on my experience on my recent visit and it pushed me to get something down on paper.  If you missed it and want to take a read it’s right here.http://wp.me/p2dQA-1fs

My good friend Christine will be home as her Fulbright ends on June 15th and then together, our plan is to create a documentary. But I needed to begin my thinking with some deep reflection and a small piece of our experience with Viljo, who welcomed me into the Finn educational experience.

But before I end this post I need to share another video piece. Last Saturday I attended the One Voice rally in Albany organized by NYSUT, our teacher’s union. We were able to avoid the rain and even though we arrived early to an empty space at The Egg, by noon, as the rally officially began we were surrounded by approximately 25, 000 fellow teachers, administrators, students parents and even a few politicians. After my wonderful trip to Finland, I needed this experience.








Here’s a video of the speakers. My favorite voice, is the voice of a student who has just graduated high school. He is a key to our hope of ending the “madness.”

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7 thoughts on “Lots to Chew On: Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Listening to your interview was exactly what I needed to do as I close out the school year and try not to get overwhelmed by the bad news that constantly comes about the state of education today. I’m saving it to my files for future viewing and re-viewing…so inspiring!!!

    • Also…how awesome that rally must have been! My favorite photograph was the one of Tuvia ….

  2. Just wanted you to know that I have thought about and referred to your blog post on the schools in Finland several times. Very interesting and compelling juxtaposition of the schools of Finland and the US.

  3. Thank you for sharing this amazing video on calm, reflective change in Finland. I love to dream about what if…it seems as though we need a systematic overhaul. Do you believe that this could take place on the local level and then expand?

  4. I’m so happy I could take the time this am, Bonnie, to listen to all you’ve shared. 25, 000 at the rally! Wow! I hope that your messages create some change for you in NY & inspire others in other states to do the same. I have such a different experience in my own school that I only feel admiration for those in the public sector that continue to teach students well because they know what is the right thing to do. I am saddened by how much my grandson speaks about test prep & how anxious he is about the testing. He has few words for the ‘fun’ of learning. I hope always for him to experience teachers who inspire, yet I realize there is so much pressure on them. Thanks very much for this, and for the Finland interview from a master!

  5. Terje

    You have power in you. Lots of power. I wish you energy to keep doing what you do in all areas of your life.

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading and viewing my work 🙂

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