A Wild Ride Ahead: Slice of Life Tuesdays

Morning Slicers,

Crazy day ahead:  Dentist in the early morning, maybe an hour at the gym, finally, on the 3rd try the right sized air conditioner will arrive and then a hair appointment at Salon Elyse.  Just another crazy Tuesday and yes, time for packing to make my way, tomorrow, for the All Write Conference: joining up with Ruth, Elsie, Linda and more.  I’m just hoping that the flights to Indiana run smoothly so I can make my connections.

I’m ready for it!  So looking forward to a great atmosphere in a small town in Indiana where a group of amazing educators are coming together.  Hey, did I juice up my batteries?

Lots of time to get to the latest book I’m hooked on: Americanah by Chimamanda Nogzi Adichie, who created an amazing TED talk about the Danger of  the Single  Story.   It’s been awhile since a book has had a hold on me and tomorrow will be for reading.  And I am also participating in the National Writing Project’s Making Learning MOOC.

MOOC Welcome


and here’s Kevin’s Intro model:


I have an introduction to complete today.  That could happen as I wait at the dentist’s office, for the Air Conditioner, at the salon, as I wait for my refreshed look.  Lots of time for the next two days, once I get where I need to be.

Maybe I’ll add mine later today.

Never a dull moment.



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18 thoughts on “A Wild Ride Ahead: Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. Never a dull moment is right! What an exciting time for you! Can’t wait to follow along on your blog!

  2. You have one action packed day ahead. I can’t believe we will be having dinner together tomorrow! Hopefully weather will cooperate with airlines. See you soon!

  3. Terje

    An energy filled post. The excitement for the days ahead radiates through the words. I look forward to hearing the different perspectives of SOL people meeting, and the inspiring notes from the conference.

  4. I have less today, just wrapping up some things & packing–hurrah! I hope my flights work too. Could not get a direct one! I saw Kevin’s Mooc intro & it looks good, but I’m not sure I have the time. So much going on this summer, isn’t there? And people think we just lie around on summer break!

  5. Enjoy the conference and the gatherinig of slicers – how wonderful!

  6. Hey there Bonnie! Hope the rest of your spring was great and your summer is fun. Thanks for posting that MOOC for the NWP – that is awesome!! I’ve been looking around for free activities and this looks very interesting. Hope you have fun in Indiana!

    • It’s been wonderful. Great trip to Finland and now a few weeks before our HVWP Summer Institute begins. All good.

  7. SO jealous of all of you meeting up in Indiana…I will be there in spirit, and know you will all share bits and pieces of your learning adventures. Next year!!!

  8. Hope that dental appointment went well. Safe travels to Indiana!

    • This visit was easy. Next week I have another date at the periodontist for the second oral surgery. Good thing it i will with a laser. But I have a guy with no personality. 😦

  9. Your excitement radiates through! So glad you made it here to Indiana. I so loved getting to know you!!

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