Two Lovely Weeks: Slice of Life Tuesdays


Morning Slicers,

I am so enjoying my memories of the All Write Conference and my two weeks of transition before I plunge back into my wild riding up and down the NYS Thruway for our annual Hudson Valley Writing Project’s Summer Institute 2013.  After two summers off, I’m back in as lead co-facilitator with my buddy Christine and a great team of Returning Fellows.  We are a smaller group this summer.  Seems like teachers are more exhausted than ever after tough battles with the ed “reforms” that are kicking in. Some great applicants had to bow out, but we continue on.

We always begin after the 4th and just like Labor Day determines the start of school in our area, when the 4th lands in mid week, we get to enjoy a longer summer start before our SI Day One officially begins on Monday the 8th. Of course we do end in early August, but tomorrow we meet with our leadership  at Christine’s for a planning meeting.  Thanks to Google and their docs, Christine and I have been sharing the crafting of our agenda for the day.

So these weeks of break offered me time to read, to meet up with family, ( my 92-year-old aunt, Sally, a family favorite, is arriving on the 5th to see my dad, visit my mom’s grave(her sister, she’s the only remaining sister from the 4) and in her honor, we are dining on Friday night with lots of family who are joining us to see her.  I got to be a learner yesterday in a photo workshop led by one of my best buds, Sharon who collaborated with me regularly when we both taught at Pearl River High School.  She taught art, I taught English and together we met on the stage for at least on play a year.  But yesterday it was her show and probably I am best as a learner, when it’s something I want to learn.  How about that, I realized that  I do love abstract photography even though I usually capture humans.  And yes, I can move off the automatic settings to the challenges of manual, easier than I once could.  I loved yesterday even though we couldn’t shoot outside 🙂


DSC_0548 DSC_0688

And last but not least, on Friday I met up with a Slicer who was missing from All Write 2013.  Tara Smith and I were back at our original meet-up spot in Ridgewood, New Jersey, drinking coffee and tea and not breaking down to scarf down my absolute favorite Crumbs Red Velvet  cupcakes.  We were caught in talk: catching up, sharing and planning a project that will take more shape next Tuesday when she joins me for a day at our SI.  I am SURE she will love it and the group will love her.  Too bad New Paltz in an impossible trek for her on a regular basis, but for one day, I can’t wait to have her with us.


So,  even with more rain on the way, I refuse to be held back from the fun of downtime: books, movies, video work, planning, family, friends  and Tuvia.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Bonnie K.

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28 thoughts on “Two Lovely Weeks: Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. This should more accurately be called SLICES OF MY LIFE. You are VERY busy indeed and yet you seem to make time for what is important.

  2. Love the photographs! I finished up our Advanced Institute for NWP last month. Our numbers for both AI and Summer Institute were down this year, too. I agree that much of it is because teachers are exhausted from the neverending reforms (that so far aren’t doing much good). Changing school calendars are also having an impact.

  3. We will be reflecting on our SI month in July, considering other approaches. 😦 I love the power of a full 4 weeks, but the politicians and corporations have taken control of education. UGH!

  4. Sounds like life is incredibly busy for you! I love reading about all your new learning, it is inspiring that you tackle new challenges. It’s great you were able to catch up with Tara, wish I could have joined you, maybe someday.

    • It would be sooo cool to meet up with you, Linda and Tara… and so many others of course. Love our connection!

  5. And your adventures never cease! The photographs were really cool – you are truly experimenting wit the medium in such interesting ways, especially with the last one, which looks like a water color. So exciting, too, to think of meeting your group next week and seeing all the work you do, that I’ve been reading about, in practice. I have so much to learn! Enjoy the 4th. my friend – you will all be surrounded with each other and much love.

  6. Your life sounds full, but just right, Bonnie. Nice to hear that your aunt can still travel for a good family visit. I only have one uncle left, but he’s still perking along! I hope the writing institute goes well & you won’t lose any more. How sad that all the worry has taken away from something so good! Loved the photos that your friend “taught you”-I still want a fancy camera-am impressed. Finally, so glad to hear you and Tara got together and will spend the day next week at the SI-happy times!

  7. And… so glad we are friends virtually and in real life 🙂 Next Summer?

  8. Love your photos and your thoughts about your busy life. Looks good! Our writing project only had 7 teachers this year and this is the last year for our grant. With no state support, an amazing life-changing PD is dying away. So sad. I hope yours will gain some new life and continue. What can we do?

  9. Jaana

    I love how writes combine photographs with their stories. Or maybe it is how photographs inspire me to write. Happy writing to you!

  10. I love the connection between image, inspiration and text… it all works together!

  11. I love your photos! It’s wonderful to learn something creative and new. Enjoy the rest of the week with your family!

  12. Ramona

    I love the photos. Isn’t it fun to be a learner? I’m always thrilled when I learn something new, and often it’s a student teaching me something new about technology. So glad you’re not letting the rain hold you back from the fun you’ve planned. Tell Tara hello from me when you see her again.

    • Yes, I am learning right now with You can learn so much about software programs at your own pace. Thanks for sharing info about Seattle for my friend. She has found something for that month and her daughter might stay longer but once she’s there, she can get a sense of the place for herself.
      I will see Tara on Tuesday and you will be talked about 🙂

  13. Terje

    Your thoughts and descriptions flow so naturally. Your days are always filled.
    Happy 4th of July!

  14. Bonnie I learn so much from you! I even forget to leave comments sometimes because I get lost in thought. Thank you for all the encouragement, inspiration and modeling. Now it is my turn to be jealous of a slicer meet up! 🙂

  15. Wow, what a fantastic comment. I’m floating on air. Can you see me Kim??? Back with you next week!!!!

  16. I’ll be in Manhattan in early August. Maybe I can meet up for cupcakes with you and Tara!

  17. Some day I hope I can come to your SI. You are so talented Bonnie…I love that you keep trying new things and loving the old, like red velvet cupcakes and friends. xo

  18. I would LOVE to have you visit Nanc. I just hope we have one to visit. I’m so nervous about the where we are going as a country in respect to teachers, education, democracy etc. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so glad as I write this comment I’m thinking about our face-to-face conversations. 🙂

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