I am beginning a blog exclusively for photos and text and I am excited! I have other blogs but this one is different.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. oh

    Veeeery nice picture, Bonnie! Egads, I love photography. Look forward to whatever else you “find” with your camera – enjoy!

  2. Thanks Oh,
    A photo a day!

  3. Love your new site! You have some awesome pictures.

    Thanks Jo

  4. Heather

    Wow, bare trees and a green lawn. Odd, isn’t it? But lovely, in its way… Thanks for posting the link to your blog on iAnthology group.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Heather

  6. Syd Smith

    I take and love taking photos!! Question? How is this photo blog different the posting photos on your other blog.

  7. Hi Syd,
    Nice to have you drop by. What’s unique about this particular about this WordPress Theme( Monochrome) is that the photo is the center of attention and given high intensity. The dominant color in the photo becomes the color background for the text and that’s always a great mystery. Yes, I upload photos into my other blogs, but they don’t look like photos here. Am I wrong?

  8. What a great idea…blogging to images! I will be a returning for sure!

  9. I am inspired. Thank you!

  10. A tangled web of searches somehow led me here and I thought… “Wait… that picture looks familiar…” I was a student of yours at PR many years ago— graduated in ’99. I spent a year at New Paltz just after graduating and still spend a lot of free time up there. My time since then has found me as an English teacher myself and now a freelance education writer— so kudos on a job well done!


  11. So cool that you found me here Christi. Bravo that you have become an English teacher. Our paths cross again 🙂

  12. Scott Horvitz

    Hi. When I was a kid my family spent many summers at Oakwood Cottages.

  13. Hi Syd. I love your work and I love you. Your blog makes a difference in my life and I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Thanks for all you do with your writing. A link to my blog and your nomination is below.


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