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Walking in Ridgewood: 83/365

Tuvia and I were just out walking in Ridgewood, New Jersey yesterday.  I had my camera in a new camera bag slung across my shoulder, just breathing and walking and enjoying the weather, in fact, I was wishing that I had left my leather jacket back in the car.

As we got close to the corner where the post office sculpture of a mailman always catches my attention, I noticed that the supporters of] Lydon LaRouche were back with new posters and a new focus of attention.  The last time we saw them they were campaigning for Bush’s impeachment, but now, they have moved to Obama.

I pulled out my camera because I wanted to ignore them.  Tuvia, took them on.  I couldn’t help wondering why a black woman felt it was okay to paint Obama with a Hitler mustache.  I know, that’s stereotyping.  There was a moment in time when a Jew(Lieberman) was running for VP and I tried to look away from his failings.

I didn’t say anything.  I didn’t agree with their thinking when they were here talking against Bush.  I was never a Bush supporter, but their arguments were absurd. But now they were going after my guy.  I held back and watched  other walkers take them on with a brush of their hand.  They were with us and that felt good.

On the way back, Tuvia wanted to spend more time with them. I wanted a few more photos.  We stopped.  Tuvia was smiling. They called us “professionals” no, no, “voyeurs” What?  I went crazy! ” You should be ashamed of yourselves. This photo of Obama is an OBAMINATION!

Tuvia grabbed me away as one screamed, John Kennedy is turning over in his grave! I was sick about this image.  Good thing I have never been around for a Tea Party  protest. I can’t be cool when it comes to politics.

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Last Slice for ’10: 80/365

This is my  Last Slice for March 2010, but there’s more Slices ahead.

That’s the nice thing about writing and sharing on the web:


There’s more  SOLC on Tuesdays, there’s challenges from the Daily Shoot, from  Naplobomo and more and more.

Inspired by Kevin’s podcast reflection yesterday, I’m remembering…

Year One of SOLC and I was still coming into my own in my fairly new life without  a classroom but with time to write into each day. I had been writing daily on the Word Count Journal (Year 4 began on January 1st) and blogging about movies,family, the world of digital storytelling, and my work with the Hudson Valley Writing Project. I was exploring and getting comfortable with tools and sites and  following some regular blogger: Kevin,for one. I was leaving comments and getting responses and it was addictive. I had moved out of my private writing and onto the public publishing  that blogging offered, but when I became a Slicer the idea of an online writing community opened up.

During that first year of slicing I was in Israel and sharing my adventures with words and photos.  The comments were wonderful and even though my timing was a bit off with the 7 hour time difference, I loved moving from blog to blog, getting to know my fellow Slicers.  Our group was smaller then,  last year as well, but as Stacey and Ruth have built up a strong, award-winning  blogsite for educators, their community of Slicers grew probably beyond their expectations, which is good for all of us but more challenging to get to everyone.

Yes, I love writing, and I love shooting a fresh photo every day but the thrill of blogging is that sharing. Every year my Goggle Reader grows and every year  responses to my posts increase and I want to say, that my writing is also getting better.  I hope so.

My Slices have always been filled with my own life challenges, with big and small events with Tuvia, with travel adventures, with my work with teachers and students in the world of technology and with our writing project, with movies, books and of course, politics.

I will continue to post something every day; that’s my personal challenge and I will continue to read and comment on blogs that I have come to know and love, but there’s something extra special about this month of March Slicing at Ruth and Stacey’s. It’s an intense month of writing and sharing with that SLicing community.

The picture above marks my  first face-to-face  breakfast with Stacey and Ruth in the midst of the NCTE  and the NWP annual conferences in Philly.Kevin also got to meet them during our Philly time.  I hope we make our breakfast an annual event as well.  There’s something fantastic that happens when you share as a writer online- the bond is real, even if it is virtual.  The face-to-face meeting feels comfortable, like it’s not the first time..because it hasn’t been. We have been getting to know one another, sharing authentic sices of our lives and the things we treasure.

So I’m here and I’m staying. Please keep coming back and I will do the same.

Slicers, YOU ROCK!



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My Sidewalk: 78/365 Slice 29 #ds132

Sidewalks are great for people watching. Make a photograph of a sidewalk scene today.
Challenges. I am crazy with challenges!
As SOLC ends (sadly) the challenges continue and blogging continues. It’s a habit for me and what about you? Where do you go from here?
The picture above has been patiently waiting for its moment in the SUN! There’s no sunshine this morning here,but yesterday I needed a sidewalk photo for the Daily Shoot and when the sun was out. How could I refuse.
Because it looks like there won’t be (no) sunshine for the start of Passover today. I am driving to the my brother’s and I will be challenged to use an alternative route because the usual highway will be flooded.  It’s rain without snow, so I’m not afraid.
Tuvia brought me a fresh box of matzo and jars of gefilte fish and horseradish. My cooking begins in 30 minutes: pot roast, potatoes, and matzo balls for Tuvia’s soup. What’s a holiday without special food? I remember living in Israel for a year in 1979. Each holiday arrived with a special dessert and the more we visited friends, the tighter my clothes got. It’s a good thing we don’t take the dessert welcome as seriously here.
So even though it’s raining on my sidewalk and the evening of Sedar #1, I will take charge and get the house filled with great smells.  Looks like I can still justify a fire in the fireplace even though it’s officialy Spring.  Guitar lesson continues and the house will be cleaned in the afternoon (not by me).
Hope you can also enjoy the day.  Who is on vacation?
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Where do I Start?: 77/365 Slice#28

Here’s a change of pace. I didn’t shoot this  photo but it’s the only one that can showcase this Slice.

I am totally caught in THE GIRL books.  When I found out that all the movies (3) of the series have been made and with the same cast, especially THE GIRL I was breathless with anticipation.

Last week the first movie opened in the US. It’s been around for a year outside America.  I could have talked Tuvia into seeing it last weekend, but I knew that it would make its way up here and yes, in fact we were able to see it last night at the Burns, the perfect place for it.

We bought our tickets online and good thing. Even getting there 45 mintues early, before the theater was open, both evening performances were sold out. I got the seats, Tuvia went across the street for  the coffee at the Dunkin’ D. and I settled in, waiting…

Last week Lynne, my LA movie bud saw it and reported back that it was violent but worthwhile. So I was prepared to look away.  I had seen the poster of THE GIRL (Noomi Rapace’) and heard an NPR interview with her and her director and both sounded great. I was so ready to see it.

Almost finished with book two, I am trying hard to wait for Tuvia to catch up to me. After a few long evenings of reading well beyond my sleep time, I am so hooked with these characters.

So the movie looked great!  The visuals of place and the sound of the Swedish language added so much to the my own mind pictures and the characters in the movie also work well with my own visual especially THE GIRL.

BUT…the book is the book and the rich details of life are the treasures offered by the writer, who sadly never lived to see the success of the books or movies from his work.

The screenwriter was challenged by the size and scope of the book to select the material for 2 and 1/2 hours.  He opted for the thriller plotline, leaving the book to fill in the life gaps- the day-to-day coffee, the world of the village, Mihael’s inner life, his work, actually him.  Bobby recently shared something interesting in our film class- when the title of a movie is a person’s name, that character is probably someone new to us- THE GIRL, with her tattoos, piercings, computer hacking- she is someone new to us.

THE GIRL the center of the movie… in the book… she shares the stage.

I would guess that most of the audience had also read the book and were fans like me.  I wonder what my experience would have been like if I came to the movie fresh.  THE GIRL is fantastic and story is thrilling, so I like I would have liked it, but the book is, well, a wonderful reading experience and I am so glad I still have more to look forward to.  The third and sadly, last one arrives on my Kindle on May 21. I’ll be ready.

We just have a few more days of Slicing. Who will continuing?  Tara?  Let me know and let’s keep sharing, even if it’s not every day!

Now I am off to shop.  I have a pot roast to make for Passover. Enjoy your Sunday!


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DC Reflections: 76/365 Slice 27

National Writing Project teachers arrived in DC on Wednesday from 46 states  to meet with their senators and representatives. Of course, in reality, most of us met with their very young(20 something) aides  and instead of crying and moaning about the changes in the education reform blueprint of the Obama administration,, we worked to keep the mood was positive and activist and soft, sensitive to their overworked schedule, as the Health Care bill was heading to final passage.

We took to the halls of Congress and spoke as teams, sharing our passions with passionate these passionate staffers working in Washington, not for the big bucks, but for the opportunity  to work in these halls. And even though these young staffers were exhausted , they showed great interest in what we shared and engaged us with questions to deepen their understanding of our work as educators in the National Writing Project.

This was my second year attending this conference and even though we were more excited by Obama’s support last year, we left with a better understanding of the new educational blueprint that will not pass without a deep examination into the implications for our program and others.  And let it be known that if the NWP is wiped away, God forbid, we will not go quietly. We are a force and I am proud to be a member for the NWP.

Arne Duncan, start reading!  We will not stop knocking at your door!

Remember, Mr President,TEACHERS VOTE!

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Feelin’ Good, Back Home: 75/365 Slice 26

Presenting the NWP’s New York delegation of teachers and a student, interested in keeping the N in NWP.  We spent most of yesterday talking with New York congressional aides for senators and congressmen.  We shared the NWP data and research and our stories of classroom success and teacher excitement at the work of our local sites.

It was a glorious day inside and out and along with our success came the last required votes in the Senate and House to see Health Care become the law of the land.

All of our taxi cab drivers were cheering along with us.

And now… at 9?30 PM, after a full blow of Tuvia’s world-fanous chicken soup, I bid you a fond, good-night.


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Big Day In DC: 74/365 Slice#25

We have arrived by the BOLT. No car sickness because I resisted the temptation to open my computer and connect to the web. Tom was on, Andrew was on. Jackie read. Ann took out her new Kindle. Me, I slept and talked on the phone and talked when the others grew tired of their silence.

Once we arrived at Union Station and walked comfortably in the fresh, windless air, we raced up to our rooms with time just to bursh teeth and hang some clothes for tomorrow. Then back out into a cab and off to Farmers and Friends, a popular spot with fresh food.  We spent hours eating and talking and then exhausted, falling into bed with just a quick good-night.

But that’s Jackie and Ann. Me, I’m up.  No TV on out of respect and after a few cups of coffee and my own energy, I read some of The Girl Who Played with Fire and then with more energy, I opened the lid and started clicking here but make sure I had a Slice before a hectic day begins.  Once we leave tomorrow morning, around 7:30 for the Capital area we won’t be back until the early evening.

So here’s my piece for the day…

Enough…let me just pull up a picture. Hang on…

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A Long Time Coming: 76/365 Slice #24

A long road to this moment and at 11:15 yesterday, I stopped what I  was doing to sit close to the TV screen and shoot like crazy.  It’s not a perfect shot, it’s not a perfect law, but with some time and revision, health care will be available to everyone.

Feels so good to have this victory of Obama and the country. Feels good, even though I am already dealing with those in my FaceBook set of “friends” who sound like Tea Partyers. Should I delete them for their excessive hatred.  I have already done that for some.  I used to try and engage them in conversation but that didn’t go anywhere.  Sometimes I would find a comment on my status updates and we would go back and forth.  I know we live in a democracy, but the excessive hatred is more than I can deal with.

So, I’m leaving them for now, but waiting to see how hateful they get.  And then reconsider.

On the positive side, we are off to DC today on behalf of our Hudson Valley Writing Project, to meet with congressional aides for their continued support. Now that education reform will be take center stage, it’s time to prepare for that fight to the top.

Should be fun, sharing a hotel room with two cool women. One bathroom?

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Signs of Spring:#75/365 Slice #23 #ds126

Sunday challenge: It’s a new season (Spring up north, Fall down south). Make a photograph that illustrates the change. #ds126

This is the way I can confidently know when spring is coming my way. This azalea(correction-forsythia-thanks XD) bush lives right in front of my building and just Sunday, as I walked up my path, I looked right. The Hudson is still totally visible, but as I reached the top of my hill, my bush had these bits of yellow.  I lugged my groceries and bags into and up the stairs. Settled everything in its place and then pulled my camera out of its bag.  I would not wait until later because I’ve learned, you never know what will happen when it comes to weather and tomorrow it could rain and did.

So on the first official day of spring here’s my sign..

Feels good that it arrived with Health Care.

Even though the rains returned yesterday, spring is still here. As this Tuesday begins, the bedroom window is open and I can hear the birds who have come home. Welcome!

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HEALTH CARE!: 74/365 Slice#22

I had a Slice for the signs of Spring yesterday, but Spring will have to wait! Yesterday we calculated the day and scheduled a movie, a good one, The Yellow Handkerchief, for early in the afternoon so we could be home to watch the play-by-play to Health Care passage.

For weeks I’ve been wishing that I could be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office or somewhere in the offices of the House, or better yet, working somewhere in this chaos of getting the votes for Health Care.

Instead I’m sitting on my couch watching the talking heads.

But back to reality. We were home by 3:00. Still no vote and I was relieved. Can you imagine if after all this time, we missed it.  We feel like we’ve been on the Health Care road with Barack for since he began over a year ago.

It was a late night.  The TV was on until midnight when the President spoke after the vote victory. We moved to other programs: last week’s Damages, 24 and a fresh 60 Minutes, but our hearts were with the dems making history.

It’s good to wake up this morning with a win for O even though I’m watching Morning Joe continuing to bash him but there are voices on his show standing up. We needed this win.

Bravo Barack. Now let’s move to real education reform and save some teacher jobs, instead of this firing mantra.  We don’t need new schools, we need improved schools.

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