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God’s Fiddler: Jascha Heifetz: Conversations with Eileen Day 17

Morning Friend,

Jascha Heifetz, famous violinist and I don’t know about you, but that’s where my connection with this legend  ends.  But I’m with a classical music lover who knows his violinists and when Tuvia selected this documentary film to see during the Jewish Film Festival at the Burns, what I could say?

Of course.

I wondered what I would find to like and throughout the first quarter of the movie I sat watching Tuvia totally engaged.  He was a master from the age of 5 and as a young man arrived in the United States with fame and fortune and ready to party.  But interesting turn… one bad review that he was just playing at with his violin and he got very serious.


And then as he matured he became a teacher as well.  Scary, yes but his students now share their memories and I was in, watching Tuvia love it and now I too, found something to wrap my interest around and what gorgeous photos of the man and finally pieces of the his young partner who also wrote a wonderful memoir about him.  (That book will be uploaded on my iPad.)

As the movie ended, the lights came up and there was the filmmaker, to be interviewed by a pianist to a full audience.  My interest just kept leaping.

Encore- a rare 15-minute  film of Heifetz playing Bach’s Chacon that you can find just below.
What’s better than to come with low expectations and fly home?

What do you remember about Jascha Heifetz?

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