My First Pair of Crocs: 110/365

First Pair of CrocksHere’s my first pair of Crocs.

I know, I know they don’t look like the originals and how come it took me so long to get into Crocs fashion?

Well it’s not like I didn’t try.

I love clogs.  I’ve been wearing Dansko clogs for over 15 years in at least 5 colors and styles.  But even though Crocs look very cool on most feet, they don’t on mine.  Size 10 and I could be wearing the boxes. So I’ve refrained, choosing instead, to wear a pair of Crocs as earrings,created by my very talented friend, Ricky Boscarino.

But finally I have found my way to the Crocs family.  My s-i-l Marla, led me to the sandals and I went crazy with their array of styles and colors just before we left for Israel.  I hovered around the kiosk at the Palisades Mall, driving the Crocs guy crazy, but he was patient, used to it.

Finally I went with the pair above and a second choice you might see on my feet tomorrow.

I am so satisfed to be on the TA beach and wearing a cool and comfortable sandal with just a splash of color.

So I ask you, are you in the Crocs family yet?


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5 thoughts on “My First Pair of Crocs: 110/365

  1. I love my Crocs! But, I have to say I like yours better! They really are very comfortable shoes. Hope your trip goes well and can’t wait to see all the pics!

  2. Kia ora Bonnie!

    Bob Dylan said about feet, “they point away from the past.”

    Another line I know but don’t know where I read it:
    “Always walk towards the light and the shadows will fall behind you.”

    (you) Love your feet.

    Catchya later

  3. Thanks for your support of my crocs Lynnelle and my feet, Ken.
    Thanks for Dylan,
    He’s always welcome in my life of feet and heart

  4. Ok, I have to ask: how did you take this photo?

    Gail (aka Queen of Bad Photography – but wanting to rid herself of that title)

  5. I just aimed at my feet. But I have to say that my Nikon D60 SLR is making a difference in what I can do with a camera. This was on automatic with a very good lens.

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