Slice of Life Marathon Begins in 2 1/2 hours and I’m jumping right in :)









Tomorrow morning I will be up at 6AM with bags packed , ready to escape the grey winter  for the beach paradise of Aruba.  I know, I know there’s nothing I can complain about.


Hmmm, I do have a head cold that Tuvia keeps promising is coming to an end( I hope) and I have PRESSURE to create a digital document for a Board Of Education on March 15th.

So I am not free, but I am going back to the same island, the same hotel and the man coming  along with me will tolerate my creative process most of the time.

 I did keep the week of the 15th pretty open for this piece with lots of support if I need it at my Apple store with Tom and the brand new Final Cut Pro X software I’ve been avoiding mastering.

But the deadline is etched in stone and even though I will suffer from sleepless nights with images of my movie floating everywhere I have what I need to bring back a good, solid rough cut.

So, I am just about ready to call it a night as the girls perform tonight on American Idol.

How perfect- Slicing in Aruba and reflecting on my digital documentary with a community of writers I know and love :-

Here we go!  See you on the other side of the world




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15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Marathon Begins in 2 1/2 hours and I’m jumping right in :)

  1. Stacey

    Weren’t you in Aruba during the SOLSC a few years ago?

    Have a great time! Give Tuvia my best.

    • I think I’ve been somewhere every March 1st. Israel a few times, Arbua yes.. this is our third Aruba trip in a row…

      THanks for this month of fun Stacey!

      Tuvia says hi back

  2. Lynn Jacobs

    Have a wonderful trip, enjoy your creative process and lose that cold. I look forward to seeing the new project.

  3. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth, my friend!

  4. What a perfect start— I love that this is the first slice of the March 2012 challenge that I read. Safe travels…and I’ll be jealous like I am each March of your warm photos.

  5. Hey – have fun.
    I wondered if you would be slicing away this year.
    Bring us some sun and warmth, willya?

  6. Aruba?! I’m just tossing out ideas here but maybe we need a slicers retreat in Aruba? Bonnie you’d be proud. My kids are making their very first digital memoirs!

  7. I hope we are getting photos every day from Aruba like before. Enjoy the sunshine and know that I am so jealous.

  8. I love reading about your adventures with Tuvia. Somehow I always feel I am there traveling right along with you. And I just have to say there are words I love to say because I like they way they roll off my tongue and I love the sound they make…Tuvia is one of them:)

  9. bethfullerreadingcoah

    Aruba- the word even sounds relaxing. I love the mention of “jumping in” along with the idea of the beach. Both ideas seem connected. The beach is definitely the “savory slice of life”. Enjoy!!

  10. I look forward to your writing from Aruba. (nice ring to it already.) It makes me think of your trip to Israel the first year I participated in this community. I’m also looking forward to your photos! bon voyage.

  11. Hurray for slicing in Aruba! Have a wonderful trip, Bonnie! Looking forward to the words and the images!

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