Passing on a Sunrise: SOLSC #23

The battle ended as the sun rose this morning. Eileen, in the arms of Andy watched one last time and gently left us.

I was out early this morning:  to the gym, to breakfast with my book club and as I shared my sorrow with friends Andy called with the news and shared his lost moments with joy.

The funeral event will be Sunday at noon and after a service that Eileen approved, she will be buried in a forest.  It’s where I had hoped to be buried and years ago I shared my plan with her that she took me up on.

A cemetery  created by a local chapter of the once famous Workman’s Circle, my father’s family rests there and what I love about the place is that it’s nothing like the neat,well-groomed cemeteries most people select. It’s actually hard to find the place, but once you are there you are in wild nature.  The town does cut the grass and clear the brush but there’s no gate, no one guarding.  You pay $100, get yourself a grave digger, put up our gravestone and that’s that.

I was all set to get a spot there until Tuvia came along and bought me a plot near him in the big cemetery just down the road from his house.  There’s no strings attached but it’s nice to have options.

As for Eileen,  she’s an added attraction to join her down the road…

Good thing the sun’s shining today.

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6 thoughts on “Passing on a Sunrise: SOLSC #23

  1. What a lovely complex piece. I am sorry for your loss. Isn’t it nice, that sun will come up each day, no matter how tough this day has been.

  2. Oh, Bonnie…I’m sorry.

  3. My heart hurts with yours. Peace for you and Andy.

  4. May the memories bring you happiness.

  5. Oh Bonnie, I share your sorrow. She is at peace now, so it remains for her loved ones to send her off with loving hearts. And then to find your own peace without her. I’m sending you love and prayers for solace.

  6. Is this the friend you visited in the hospital on the day of your Dad’s birthday?

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

    On a related note: I never thought of anything other than a traditional cemetery plot. A forest sounds like a much more glorious resting place.

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