INSPIRED! Conversations with Eileen Day 34 SOLT


Coming to you from Paramus, NJ after a  spring walk in Ridgewood with a stop for some great frozen yogurt!

But I’m still basking in the glow of inspiration from last night’s concert at City Winery in the Village.

David Broza, mid 50’s and still able to play guitar and sing from his heart for two straight hours, solo.   Here’s a taste:

I’m listening to this tune that was the first song he ever wrote, inspired by Sadat’s first trip to Israel and the hope that there would peace in just a few months and 30+ years later he’s still ending each concert with “Yihieh Tov” (It Will be Good).

It was so wonderful being with Ami and Adi who first introduced us to David last night.  Three of us love him. Tuvia was just along for ride.  I am playing guitar because of him and Adi and Ami took one of his songs as “their song”.

We all take away something from David Broza.

I just love watching him love his guitar and his music.  I wish my guitar was my 3rd arm.  That’s my goal and I’m off to make that come true…

What do you think of his music?




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3 thoughts on “INSPIRED! Conversations with Eileen Day 34 SOLT

  1. I love singers like this, the one’s who feel every word and every note. Such an expressive song and singer. I appreciated his explanation (as well as yours), but what a powerful way to end a concert, with such a peaceful and hopeful message.

  2. Beautiful Bonnie, I can see why you are still basking in the glow of his music. Music is so powerful, it can take us to another place and time with just a few notes.

  3. This is fabulous, Bonnie. Thanks for introducing me to David Broza. I know how much you love music, but didn’t know you were inspired to play guitar by one performer in particular. Music is powerful for me, too. And when good music is paired with a beautiful message … perfect!

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